The Environmental Committee was founded in 2010 as the students’ environmental association that brings together students interested in sustainability and environmental issues to give voice to these issues within the Institute and Geneva. All students are encouraged to get involved, regardless of program, semester or level of experience. Read our statutes here.

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The Environmental Committee


The 2021 Leadership of the Environmental Committee includes:


Hugo Brandam 


Ryan Maia


Annia Costermani


Social Media and Communications Coordinator:

Iida Letho

Our Mission

Current Projects

Some of our projects are SCOOP, an organic student food cooperative, to The Ecologist Podcast, Save The Food to fight food waste and redistribute leftovers from the campus cafeteria, and the Recycling Library collecting printed articles for re-use. We also co-organize Sustainability Week Geneva and the Geneva Peace Week annually to bridge international and local environmental issues. 


On our blog we post sustainable cooking and lifestyle tips, opinion pieces and reviews of some of our events. 


Furthermore, we organize many events including outdoor activities, panel discussions and environmental activism. These events are regularly communicated through our social media channels and GISA updates.


Curious? Send us a message and join the green dream team!

-​Promote environmental protection and sustainable development at the Institute.


-Raise awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues among students, administration, staff and faculty.

-Promote healthy, environmentally-friendly and sustainable policies within the Institute.




Our actions are oriented towards three pillars: Sustainable Events, Sustainable Institute and Sustainable Curricula. You can find out more about these pillars on our website.

The Committee is composed of members with a specific function, i.e. the Leadership, which includes the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurers, and the Social Media, Events and Communications Coordinators.


Equally important are the members involved in Environmental Committee activities, events and/or issue-based working groups. These include the Coordinators of EC projects and cooperatives like SCOOP, Save the Food and more.


We're always excited to have new members join us. 

May the forest be with you!