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Black Conversations (BC)

Black Conversations (BC) is a student organization created by Black students for Black students within Geneva. It was officially launched in January of 2020, by Diandra Dillon and Teathloach ‘Teal’ Nguot. The primary aim is to provide a safe space to facilitate Black thought. Visit our website here.

BC is an interactive platform that aims to provide a space where people of African descent can engage in discussions and debate about our communities. The organisation seeks to engage diverse perspectives to understand the Black experience. It is a space where our opinions are uplifted and empowered, deconstructing systemic dynamics established by non-Blacks who often dominate the discourse and policies shaping Black communities. BC strives to put Black people at the forefront of these discussions by promoting leadership, self-expression, agency, autonomy and accountability. It is a platform where we are heard and validated. BC wants to be a starting point in facilitating a sustained, positive change. Visit our website here.

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Visit our website to learn more about us and how to get involved!

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