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Just Innovate is a non-profit educational initiative whose mission is to inspire and facilitate the creation of social innovations within student communities and beyond. Visit our website here.

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Co-Directors: Parvati Dhananjayan and Katerine Saravia

Finances Manager: Efrat Armon

Communications and Marketing Manager: Chinmay Gundlur

Partnerships Manager: Varun Bhagat

Logistics Manager: Monica Selasi Botchway

Our Mission

Just Innovate is a team of young professionals and students from across the world, who believe passionately in the power of communities to generate innovative solutions using human-centered design approaches to problem-solving. Working with the motto to Connect, Inspire and Learn, Just Innovate follows design thinking methods to provide a range of educational workshops to foster social innovation and effective problem-solving. 

C4SI is the flagship program of Just Innovate which brings together Graduate students from diverse disciplines across Geneva to collaborate and co-create through experiential learning methods. By partnering with a range of organizations from international organizations to local NGOs to solving real-world problems, C4SI encourages participants to break out of existing molds and instill an innovative spirit in their university, organization, or company.


To learn more about how to get involved, visit our website!

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