Just Innovate is an NGO fostering creativity and inspiring social change among students and beyond. Founded in 2012 by students at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Just Innovate is a team of young professionals and students from across the world, who believe in the power of communities to generate innovative solutions using human-centered design approaches to problem-solving. Visit our website here.

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Co-Director: Prachi Jha

Co-Director: Xavier Burke

Curriculum Developer: Anna Becker

Partnerships Manager: Georgia Thorne

Partnerships Manager: Laura Diaz 

Administrative Manager: Xiaoyi Wang

Finance Manager: Chin Man Kwan

Our Mission

Our flagship initiative, Collaborate for Social Impact (C4SI), is an annual social innovation competition where participants use design thinking to solve real-world challenges set by Geneva-based IOs and NGOs. Over a two-month period, participants attend workshops delivered by experts and receive the support of experienced mentors to co-create social innovations in response to global and local social problems.


C4SI’s motto is: Old problems. New Solutions. Big Impact.

Our goals are (1) to connect individuals from different educational and professional disciplines through collaborative educational programs that bring together experts from universities, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private enterprises, (2) to inspire individuals to collaborate and co-create social innovations by developing educational programs that draw on tried and tested design-thinking methodologies, which encourage participants to break out of existing molds and instill an innovative spirit in their university, organization or company, and (3) to develop unique interdisciplinary learning environments, in which participants can strengthen their soft skills such as leadership and team-building, as well as enhance their knowledge of ideation techniques, prototyping, and presenting.


To learn more about how to get involved, visit our website!