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About the Afrique Student’s Association

The Afrique Students Association (ASA) was founded during the 2014/15 academic year as the predominant association for students interested in African at the Graduate Institute. It is open to all students (irrespective of nationality) with a passion for/ interest in the African continent. ASA seeks to represent and celebrate the diversity of African people and culture on campus as well as to promote interactions and intellectual dialogue between African students, the broader Institute population and International Geneva. It also serves to advocate for a better representation of African students at IHEID.


Over the past few years, the association has successfully organized career development seminars, hosted impactful meetings between ASA alumni and current students. Afrique students Association frequently organises leisure activities aimed at uniting it’s members through fun activities. These activities include potluck dinners, Summer Picnics, Afrique Jam, movie nights and so much more. ASA, in collaboration with Gisa and other initiatives provided a united front for students at the Institute to take a stand during the Blm movement.



ASA indeed has unique plans each semester. We organize career development webinars and seminars, we partnered with NGOs and companies to ensure that every semester is both impactful and interesting. We would be honoured to have students who are interested in issues in and around Africa join the association. We guarantee you a wholistic development. On this note, we say welcome to ASA, welcome to GISA, welcome to IHEID.



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