Class Representatives 

In accordance with the GISA Statutes, each year the students of each Master and PhD programme at the Graduate Institute are invited to elect a student representative for their respective programmes. These class representatives are supported by GISA to work with relevant IHEID administrators to address student concerns and proposals for the betterment of the academic environment at the Institute.

If you have any questions about student life at the Institute, please feel free to contact your class representative.


Masters Programmes


Master in International Affairs (interdisciplinary)

1st Year | Vanina Meyer
2nd Year | Mukta Dhere


Master in Development Studies (interdisciplinary)

1st Year | Manuel Leon
2nd Year | Samhita Ayaluri


Master in Anthropology and Sociology

1st Year | Jhilam Gangopadhyay

2nd Year | Rachael Louise Healy


Master in International Economics

1st Year | Aynur Asadli
2nd Year | Shaina Hasan


Master in International History

1st Year | Shivangi Behera
2nd Year | Christoph Buhne


Master in International Law

1st Year | Marisa Giustiniani
2nd Year | Victor Tozetto da Veiga


Master in International Relations/Political Science

1st Year |
2nd Year | Astrid Skjold

PhD Programmes 


PhD | International Relations / Political Science

Janine Bressmer
Julia Auburn Greene

PhD | International Economics

Hossein Tohidimehr
Antoine Jean François Cornevin
Orlando Zambrano Roman


PhD | International History

David Motzafi-Haller


PhD | International Law

Cyprien Fluzin
Dena Arjan Kirpalani
Daniel Ricardo Quiroga Villamarin


PhD | Anthropology and Sociology

Nina Khamsy
Nina Teresa Kiderlin