The Graduate Press (TGP)

The graduate press is a student-run publication of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Founded in May 2018, TGP aims to provide a neutral platform for students to express their opinions and experiences. Covering student life, international politics, academic affairs, and opinion pieces, the Graduate Press accepts submissions in both English and French from the entire student body.  Additionally, the Press also develops a semesterly print edition based on contributions linked to a particular theme. Visit our website here.

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Co-Editor-in-Chief/Project Manager: Silvia Ecclesia

Co-Editor-in-Chief/External Communications: Dario De Quarti

Managing Editor/Creative Director: Mallika Goel


French and Suisse Editor: Margherita Dacquino


Student Life Editor: Megha Kaveri Puthucode Sreeram

Print Editor: Nicolás Gallardo Tascon

News & Reporting Editor: Anna Liz Thomas

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower student voices and create a space for the IHEID community to engage in open, constructive, and respectful dialogue on complex issues. We believe that the existence of a free press is a crucial element of any healthy academic, social, and professional community.

The Graduate Press is dedicated to ensuring that all IHEID students are able to have their voices heard, and we are committed to providing them with visibility through journalistic integrity and impartiality. We value freedom of speech, truthfulness, accountability, independence, fairness, and above all else, the trust of our readers.


The Graduate Press is always on the lookout for new voices from the IHEID community!


As an independent, student-led publication of the Graduate Institute, most of the articles published on our website and our monthly publication are submissions from the student body (and alumni). We wish to keep it this way.


If you have an opinion piece, feature article, poem, story, photo gallery, photo essay, artwork, video, or other visual work you want to publish on our platform, feel free to send them to us, and support the presence of the Press in the Institute.