Technology and Security Initiative (TechSec)

The Technology and Security Initiative (TechSec) is one of the latest student-led initiatives of the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA). The idea behind TechSec is to initiate conversations around the domains of cybersecurity and governance. Apart from bringing youth perspectives to the fore, we aim to engage various stakeholders through our activities and activism. Ultimately, we want to bridge the gap between academia and professionals in the field, and spread awareness through dialogues with policymakers, academics and experts in the field.

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My Story

Director: Richael Mettle Addo

Deputy Director: Yamini Sharma​

Treasurer: David R. Wistocki

Head of External Engagements and Networking: Shimona Mohan

Head of PR and Awareness: Keshav Khanna

Events/Communications Coordinator: Anna Liz Thomas

Digital/Visual Media Coordinator: Silvia Ecclesia

Our Mission

Reflected in our logo, TechSec is built on the following core pillars:

  1. Awareness

  2. Activism 

  3. Networking 


In line with these and through multifarious engagements with the IHEID community and beyond, we seek to engage with a younger audience interested in cyber security and governance. To this end, we organize interactive events that encourage student participation with our themes and imperatives, and aim to form professional networks with relevant audiences to grab a seat at the table for our generation.

Our areas of special interest and activism include (but are not limited to) data rights and regulation, citizen surveillance, individual privacy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber competition and ethics in allied emerging technologies.


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