China and East Asia Studies (CEAS) Initiative

China and East Asia Studies (CEAS) Initiative is a recently founded (October 2020) students’ initiative that provides an open academic platform for research and debate on contemporary issues about China, East Asia and the world. Engaging people from all backgrounds interested in this discipline, CEAS strives to mobilize academic and social resources to facilitate academic activities concerning China and East Asia from an inclusive perspective. As the first student initiative focusing on East Asia at the Graduate Institute, CEAS responds to the increasing demand among the student body to make sense of the relationship between East Asia and the rest of the world in the contemporary context. We have a strong faith in constructive dialogues, and we are committed to serving as an inclusive channel for ideas exchange. Visit our website here

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President: Weijia (Alma) Chen

Vice President: Filippo De Gennaro


Treasurer: Hanlin Wang

Events Coordinator: Sijia Wen

Member of the Event Committee: Laura Nijssen

Member of the Event Committee: Chiara Azzarelli

Member of the Event Committee: Yuyi Shen


Academic Director: Justin Yu

Member of the Academic Committee: Jiae Yang

Member of the Academic Committee: Jungsoo Lee


Communication Director: Yue (Shirley) Chen

Member of the Communication Committee: Hongyi Yang

Member of the Communication Committee: Holly O’Mahony

Member of the Communication Committee: Yoshiharu Wakabayashi


The long-term vision of CEAS is to develop into the forefront of student research associations of East Asian Studies in Europe. CEAS’ operation complements the mission of the Graduate Institute of Geneva –– to promote academic exchange and to enable its research findings to reach out to the wider community. Meanwhile, CEAS maintains an unbiased academic platform for students from all around the world and gives them chances to exchange, communicate and analyze political, economic, and social developments of China and East Asia and their consequences for the international community. By doing so, CEAS acts as a bridge of different ideas, perspectives and cultures to build understanding, trust and friendship. To this end, CEAS organizes seminars, holds public talks, and invites research presentations on a regular basis. It actively responds to the interests of the student body and addresses frontier issues related to East Asia.


We're always excited for new students to join!