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COVID Vaccination Update from GISA President

Dear students,

Hoping you all are doing well and are all geared up for classes next week!

I am writing to soothe and alleviate some stress that a lot of you had with respect to Covid Certificates for a vaccine that has been administered abroad.

Those who have been fully vaccinated abroad with the following vaccines and are living in Geneva Canton will be able to obtain a COVID Certificate by filling an online e-démarches COVID certificates application form.

For vaccines authorized in Switzerland by the European Medicines Agency and the WHO emergency list (Comirnaty®, Spikevax®, Vaxzevria® from AstraZeneca, Sinopharm BIBP, Sinovac, Covishield ™), a person is considered fully vaccinated from the day of complete administration (2 doses or 1 infection + 1 dose) except for Jannsen where it is from the 22nd day after administration. For other vaccines, you may check whether you can receive a COVID certificate by applying for a certificate online, by filling the e-démarches COVID certificates application form.

Keep checking this page by the institute for updates and information.

For those who have been unable to find their vaccine in the list, I implore you to please be patient and wait for more updates. Additionally, if you do not find your vaccine in the list, we recommend against applying for a shot here since a cocktail of vaccines is dangerous.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions or queries!

Have a good day ahead.


Aishwarya Tendolkar (she/her/hers | elle)President | Présidente Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA) IHEID | The Graduate Institute, Geneva

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