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Critical Theory Reading Group (CTRG)

The Critical Theory Reading Group offers a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences across disciplines  and  backgrounds,  which can be used to tackle contemporary issues and questions.

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Convener - Nivedita Joon, PhD student, Department of International History and Politics

Our Mission

The CTRG was founded in January 2019 by students from different disciplines at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. Its aim is to support critical perspectives on knowledge and a platform for interdisciplinary discussion on issues related to critical theory, without the pressure of the grading scale and the stiffness of the classroom. We'll have good wine, tolerable snacks, and fiery debates.

We set up individual and collective sessions where students can present topics, authors, themes of their choosing. Besides confronting theory on paper, we also organize film screenings, sessions dedicated to art as social commentary, and research and writing workshops where anyone can present their current investigations. In addition, we organize conferences and have invited contemporary scholars whose work we think is crucial for our understanding of the present. 


Places are always available for those who would like to present something – be it theory, poetry, cinema, or their own research – so please do not hesitate to contact us to get involved.

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