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GISA Logo Design Competition-- Deadline Tuesday 30 Nov, special prizes for the winner!

Read below to learn more about the competition and how to submit! Deadline Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm/CET. Submissions here

GISA is rebranding and needs your help! We are launching a design competition to redesign the GISA logo. Submissions will be open through November 30th at 11:59pm/CET. And, the winner will receive a special prize!

Our old logo design is outdated-- You've seen it. It's served its purpose, but GISA is growing and is in need of a fresh look (which will also correspond to the new GISA website!). Please read all of the details below for more information about participation. Link to submit here

To participate in this competition:

>There is only one criteria: You must be currently enrolled as a student of the Graduate Institute of Geneva. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate, regardless of whether you have had any previous experience in design. ** emphasizing, regardless!

Rules of the competition:

>Use ONLY the color values provided below in your design (Please scroll)

>Incorporate at least (4) of the colors into your design-- you can choose which ones you use from the options provided!

>Note: Submissions that do not follow these rules will STILL be considered. However, these are the colors being incorporated into our future social media/website, so it is important that your design fits our theme. Thus, designs submitted using other colors are not likely to be chosen.

Voting Procedure/Selection:

>After the voting closes on November 30th at 11:59pm CET, GISA will compile all applications for voting by the GISA Board on December 4th at 3:00pm/CET. The GISA Communications Director will be administering the vote and thus will not participate in the selection process as a board member NOR will any board member who submits a design.

>The vote will be completely blind-- your name will not be revealed with your design during any part of the voting process, and the selection is based on which logo fits GISA as a student organization situated in the context of IHEID and International Geneva best.

>The board members will select (3) finalists for the competition from the submissions.

>Once (3) finalists have been selected, the vote will move to the student body on Friday, December 4th at 4:00pm/CET. The student body will have a 24-hour online voting window to decide on the winner of the competition!

>The winner will be announced shortly after.


The winner of the GISA Logo Design Competition will receive:

>Bragging rights, first of all! Your design will be everywhere that GISA is-- Across all social media platforms, at every GISA event, on our merch, and more!

>GISA Merch featuring YOUR design (one t-shirt, one sweatshirt, and some special new GISA merch*TBA)

>PLUS dinner for (2) at a restaurant of your choice up to 70CHF and (2) tickets for afterwards to a Geneva Camerata show of choice.* (

*To be redeemed before the end of the 21-22 school year.

Color Palette:

(plus white #FFFFFF, black #000000, and grey #6f7072)

Why the SDG colors? Number one, they're beautiful. Number two, they're relevant to IHEID as a whole. We're not rebranding to become the United Nations, but we do like the SDG color palette and want to incorporate some of their colors into our future media.

Important for participants: Our vision and advice for designers

>We envision a logo that supports our mission to provide an enriching student experience that is inclusive/representative of all our students. Know that our audience is primarily students, though we want to represent ourselves as a professional organization, as well. We like colors and fun fonts. We also like sharp, clean-cut designs that can be used across a variety of media platforms. Messy but clean, if you know what we mean. Play around with your design-- It doesn't have to be super intricate, but it should be engaging and represent GISA well. Also, if you plan to write out "Graduate Institute Student Association" in your design, please also include the French translation, "Association des étudiants de l'Institut." We are SO excited to see your designs and your creativity! If you have any questions or need any help with anything related to the GISA Logo Design Competition, please reach out to

We can't wait to see what you create! Good luck to each of our participants.



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