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New GISA Logo, Winner of Design Competition Revealed

Last month, GISA held a design competition amongst the student body to redesign its logo. We received over 30 submissions, all of which were incredibly well-done and demonstrated serious creativity. The GISA Board pre-selected 3 winners whose designs they felt best represent GISA overall as a student association situated within the context of IHEID/International Geneva. GISA's winning designs were then sent to the student body for a final vote over a 24-hour period. Read more about the winning design and designer below!

Concept behind the design: Colors of the petals integrate the colors of the SDGs- 4-Education, 2- Zero hunger, 13- Climate action, 16- Peace and justice. Association highlighted to maintain reference to former logo, however now focusing on the "Association."

Congratulations, Leonardo Uematsu! Leonardo's design won with 52% of the vote. Not only did the GISA Board love his design, but you did, too! We're so excited to make Leonardo's design the new face of GISA.

About the designer

Originally from Brazil, Leonardo is a first-year student at IHEID pursuing a Masters in Development Studies. He has never had any design experience, but he used to love to draw! Stay tuned to learn more about Leonardo.

A big "Thank you"

Thank you to everyone who participated for your time and hard work. We are looking forward to organizing more contests and events for students to showcase their creativity, so if you were not able to participate this time around, follow us on social media (@gisa_iheid) for more opportunities to get involved!

Runners up

2nd place- Abby Nicole Naumann, 5th semester extension MIA (23% of the vote)

3rd place- Taehoon Lee, 4th year PhD Development Economics (11% of the vote)

The remainder of the vote was cast to keep the previous GISA Logo (14%).

Read more about the GISA Logo Design Competition at

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