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The Feminist Collective is the feminist voice at the institute. The initiative aims to raise awareness on gender equality and tries to look at global affairs through a feminist lens. We are a big community and looking forward to always expanding it even more and we are open to engage with any organisations, initiatives, or individuals in order to have a louder voice.

Everyone is welcome to get involved with our mission and our projects! If you are interested please contact us on our Facebook, Instagram or email address listed below.

Our Values

We believe that women and men should be equal- as simple as that sounds, however we are aware that it is easier said than done and we still have a long way to go. Hence, we are a group of people who are trying to fight for a well-deserved equality while starting from our own little community. We have devoted and supportive team members in our collective who are willing to help as much as they can and are always open to new ideas to make our community more gender equal while discussing how we can engage in the world as well.

Our Goals

We want to be able to provide a safe and equal space for everyone at the institute and we are aware that women’s voices need to be heard more in order to be able to achieve that. That’s why we are that voice and we want to make sure that everyone feels represented. We have a zero-tolerance harassment policy and working with Antenne-H regularly to be able to provide the safe place we want. We also want to raise awareness on gender equality and educate ourselves to be able to tackle this as future leaders.

Our Team

We are currently a team of 10: Birsu Karaarslan as the President; Gaia Grasselli as the Vice President; Sophie Heigel as the Treasurer and many more dedicated team members.










Our Events


We had a movie screening, a discussion on whiteness and feminism and a workshop on eating disorders this term. We would like to organize a workshop on sexual health and education and a Feminist guided tour of Geneva alongside more exciting events next term.


Sex-ed Workshop

The Feminist Collective in association with the Global Health Initiative hosted Nikita Barton (they/them), founder of, ohmygosh, to host a 90-minute long sex-ed workshop. This was the first sex-ed workshop conducted at the Institute. More than 25 people from our student community attended this workshop and engaged in conversations about a wide range of topics about STI/STDs, contraceptives, safe-sex, forms of pleasure and the notion of consent. Though this workshop was not a very big event in terms of the number of people who attended it, we believe that it's a small step towards a larger conversation that we're aiming for amongst the community at the Institute. 


Reproductive Health Week

On 14th April, the Feminist Collective in collaboration with the Global Health Initiative and the Human Rights, Peace and Conflict Initiative organized the event “Abortion Tourism and Human Rights – Poland, Europe and beyond”. Our three speakers were Piotr Nowak from the University of Warsaw human rights student association Pauliny Kuczalskiej-Reinschmit, Justyna Wydrzyńska from the international network Abortion Without Borders, and Christina Zampas from the Center for Reproductive Rights in Geneva. From Piotr we learned about the recent changes in the Polish abortion laws and from Justyna about her experience in abortion activism. Christina then put the Polish case into a broader global context and talked about abortion as a human right.


Women Week's Protest

On March 20th, 2021, a few members of the Feminist Collective organised a #ReclaimTheseStreets manifestation of over 50 people at Place des Nations, Geneva - in respect of COVID-19 regulations - in memory of Sarah Everard and to take a stance against gender-based violence. On the day, speeches were given by students from different parts of the world, as well as different organisations around Geneva, powerful performances, and we also held a group candlelit vigil as the sun set, in memory of Sarah Everard and people of all genders threatened on our streets. Our aim was to create a safe space where the issue of gender-based violence could be discussed from a range of different perspectives.



The Feminist Collective and LANI organised an introductory session on ecofeminism. Three scholars and activists from Thais Corral from Brasil, Joyce Najm Mendez from Paraguay and Brazil, and Maria José Gordillo from Bolivia discussed their experiences of ecofeminism, its advantages and limitations. It was then followed by a showing of Feed the Green, a short documentary.


The Feminist Collective Art Swap

The Feminist Collective collects and shares on their Instagram art made by women, non-binary and trans folks, suggested by the community. The aim is to participate in creating a common imagination that does not center on men and their understanding of the world but includes a diversity of views and experiences. Connect with us to share your favourite book, painting, film, sculpture, poem and podcast!

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