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Global Health Initiative (GHI) is a platform and a community for the IHEID students and alumni from various professional and educational backgrounds with an interest and passion for global health topics. It is a platform where different stakeholders (academia, young professionals, IOs, NGOs, industry) come together and collaborate on innovative projects related to health. The GHI at IHEID focuses on issues of global health governance and diplomacy, health technologies and security, the eradication and prevention of diseases, and digital health.


Some of the stakeholders we have collaborated with so far are UNAIDS, Global Health Centre, GHYPI, IHEID, Novartis, World Heart Federation, and IFPMA. Past activities include welcome picnics, workshops, formal and informal members` meetings, visiting health-related organizations, lunch briefings, coffee sessions with visiting professionals, awareness campaigns, participation in the 72nd World Health Assembly, and more. The initiative has actively participated in 'Fight the Fakes' campaign with the IFPMA in the past academic year.


As a young community of students and young professionals interested in global health topics, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all that might be interested in joining the community. Follow us on Instagram and join the WhatsApp chat to stay updated about our activities.  We are open to collaborations with the other initiatives, organizations, students, professionals. Join us and co-create the GHI community and events with us!

Persons in roles of leadership


Amalia Daka (Coordinator, lead link with the initiative,


Alisa Gessler (to be contacted in case Amalia is not available)


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