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Who we are 

The Human Rights, Conflict & Peace (HRCP) Initiative is a student initiative at the Graduate Institute in Geneva (IHEID) which aims to increase awareness of human rights, conflict and peace related issues from across the globe.


The Initiative was founded in 2014, to supplement existing courses at IHEID, particularly in the context of conflict or post-conflict environments. Our events, which include panel discussions, film screenings, and other similar events, facilitate discussion on this topic area. We aim to create discussion spaces and educational opportunities where those interested can further their knowledge and understanding - so join us at our next meeting or event!



Our specific objectives are:

  • Promotion of debates on human rights in armed conflicts and post-conflict environments

  • Advancement of knowledge among the students at IHEID on related issues

  • Creation of a network which encompasses students, scholars, practitioners and organisations interested in human rights, conflict and peace related matters.


Past Events:

  • Students’ Peace Week in collaboration with the Peacebuilding Initiative, the Gender Peace and Security Coalition and the Middle East and Northern Africa Initiative

  • Red Cross Museum Visit

  • Events to commemorate Human Rights Day

  • Panel Discussions on

    • Human Rights Situation of Refugees at the Greek-Turkish Border

    • Natural Resource Extraction and Human Rights Violations in the Congo

    • Abortion Tourism and Human Rights: Poland, Europe and Beyond

    • Access to Health in Conflict Zones

    • LGBTQ+ and Human Rights

    • Human Rights and Islamic Law

  • Coffee Chats - to enhance professional exchange

    • Helen Morris, UNHCR

    • Alicia Giraudel, Amnesty International

    • Irene Khan, UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression and Opinion

  • Movie Screenings with Debates

    • Ghost Fleet - Human Trafficking in the Fishing Industry

    • Belly of the Beast - Forced Sterilization in California's Prisons

  • Movie Nights

    • The White Helmets - Syria War

    • 13th - intersection race, justice and mass incarceration in the United States


Our current team during the GISA women’s week 2021 and this year’s #choose to challenge











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