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Incoming Students: Know Your Initiatives, Welcome Packet

Dear Students,

Hoping you all are doing well and enjoying the summer!

This e-mail is mostly for the incoming students but do take a look at the resources in this e-mail if it piques your interest, dear 2020-2021 peers! NOTE: Make sure you use your graduateinstitute ID to access or view ANY document that is shared with you. Your personal google IDs will not work.

While some of you are already in Geneva, most of you are in the process of moving and we are excited to welcome you soon! We were so happy to see you all at the online orientation with the initiatives. While it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of the plethora of initiatives since there are so many and each is unique and wonderful, the GISA website has a categorised list of ALL our initiatives! I implore you all to go through it and read up. Plus, the website houses all the information you possibly need to know about student life, your resources, and different forms etc.

Additionally, here is a super resourceful welcome packet that has all the information on everything you need to know on welfare, initiatives, contact information, and additional wellbeing resources. This is an excellent guide to everything you need to know about your resources at IHEID!

If you are old-school, I have also compiled a list of all the initiatives in this Google sheet, and you can find the current open positions in these initiatives. Do not hesitate to contact initiatives for more information. We will shortly be releasing a bit more on how to create an initiative, working with GISA and the initiatives, etc.

The Welcome Month (Sept-Oct) (schedule to be announced shortly) is the best opportunity to meet initiatives and new people! I promise it is super fun and do not miss it!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, for any doubts, or concerns.

Looking forward to welcoming you all soon!


Aishwarya Tendolkar (she/her/hers | elle)President | Présidente Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA) IHEID | The Graduate Institute, Geneva

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