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Maison des Arts et de la Culture

The Maison des Arts et de la Culture is a platform for artistic exploration, inspiration and expression at the Geneva Graduate Institute.

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Founder and President: Mathilde Pasta

Vice-President: Michael Atkinson

Treasurer: Conrad Otto Lude

Our Mission

The MAC’s objectives are threefold:

First we aim at showcasing the cultural richness and artistic potential of our student body. Through its events, the initiative encourages students to express their creativity and artistic talents.

Second, we work towards strengthening existing links between the world of the Arts and the one of Social Sciences at the Institute. To this end, the MAC’s mission aligns with the one of the Geneva Graduate Institute Arts and Culture target initiative launched by Marie Laure Salles in October 2021. We advocate for the inclusion of more Art on campus, both in the university’s curriculum and in its physical spaces.


And third, we strive to cultivate students’ appreciation for local and regional Arts and Culture. The Maison des Arts et de la Culture of the Graduate Institute offers to students the opportunity to discover Geneva and its surroundings, diving into the Leman region’s artistic and cultural Heritage through excursions and guided visits.


In sum, the initiative is a laboratory for artistic knowledge sharing and production as well as a means to advocate for the legitimacy of creative approaches to academia. The Geneva Graduate Institute is a hive for visionary ideas and the MAC provides students with the space to express
themselves by means of their artistic passions. The initiative encourages students to share their enthusiasm for the Arts and gives them the opportunity to link it with their academic interests. From a wellbeing perspective, the initiative gives students the chance to pursue their artistic hobbies at the Institute, in a supportive, safe, respectful, and aspirational way.


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