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Macro-Development Research Initiative (MDRI)

The Macro-Development Research Initiative aims to research, analyze, debate, and disseminate information related to development with an interdisciplinary perspective. MDRI wants to help develop the professional and leadership skills and the human potential of future young leaders through the research and analysis of the social issues that are at hand today.

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Executive Director: Manuel León

Treasury: Vu, The Hung

Operations: Anna Carvajal

Our Mission

Our mission is to involve students in the research, analysis, debate, and dissemination of information related to development in a broad interdisciplinary manner. This information shall be used to provide the academic community and general public with useful guidance on understanding development issues at hand in the world.

We aim to develop professional, leadership skills and human potential of future young leaders through research, analysis, and dissemination information related to Development to the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and to the public in general.


Our vision is to become a benchmark organization in the international development field and a generator of knowledge and a trainer of leading and exemplary professionals, in a sustainable way.


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