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MentorED aims to engage students of IHEID in discourses associated with education as well as contributing towards its development in certain geographical regions through scholarship and collaborations. MentorEd has a special focus on the intersections of Education, Gender, and Migration.

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Our Mission

Welcome to MentorEd--IHEID's youngest and only initiative that focuses on education!


Our goal is to bring about more conversation on education, development, and gender. We hope ideate solutions for the problems faced by children today.


We are currently focused on learning more about digitalization in the context of education. What will the future of education for children who do not have access to technology look like? And what we can do to make education more accessible? How can we enable youth with the skills necessary for a digital future?


If you are passionate about volunteering to teach young kids, about development, and creating opportunities for the deprived, you can join us by signing up and dropping us an


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