Since the onset of the pandemic, students and the GISA board sought to promote mutual aid and support. Most recently was the peer-to-peer through COVID list, the solidarity initiative (see here for the history of it) continued by Welfare Committee, and now in April the GISA board created a new list "skill sharing." 

Peer to Peer through COVID

Sign up to spend time with a IHEID student, make a new friend, go on a walk together, travel together, eat meals together, bake cake together.

Solidarity Initiative 3.0

Need support getting groceries during quarantine? Want to support others stay safe during their quarantine? Sign up according to your location or residence!

Skill share list

Promote a solidarity economy by sharing with your peers your skills. Know how to fix a flat tire on a bike? How to watercolor? Write down your skills and lean on each other for learning and support!