Geneva International

Who we are?


Geneva International (Geneva Intl.) is a student podcast initiative started in 2019 by Michelle Olguin Fluckliger and Samhita Bharadwaj. It aims to empower students, academics and practitioners from the Graduate Institute with the skill of podcasting and audio-visual communication. The main objective of the initiative is to promote the easy usage of the Podcast hardware at the Graduate Institute library and encourage students to record a podcast via offline or online means. The initiative has 4 established feeds, namely Careers, Pop Theory, Health and Wellbeing that are divided based on the theme and type of content uploaded. At the heart of Geneva Intl. lies an interdisciplinary student team with varying interests and talents. Listen to our Initiative trailer to learn more: Initiative Trailer link

Our values and mission?


Media has the power to shape and expand mindsets. Podcasting is a tool of communication that has the power to create and disseminate conversations to a wide array of people. As a skill-based student initiative, we aim to introduce the tool of podcasting and other content creation basics. We believe that there is value in providing a platform for knowledge dissemination. Knowledge dissemination that is carefully crafted to foster a positive community. We recognize that there is value in sharing stories and believe that podcasting along with any other tool of content creation serves as an excellent tool for storytelling.

Read more about how we started on Pg. 36, of NewsSpecial’s March 2021 Feature:


Our Goals?

The practice of scripting, production and editing are hard skills that are useful for any profession in media. Thus, it is our core value to introduce the know-hows of podcasting with other media training basics such as speaking for media, video editing, knowledge of social media tools. Our goal lies in promoting the practice of podcasting and audio-visual content creation.

Type of projects

  • Workshops on podcasting guides such as scripting, recording and editing.

  • Production of podcasts within the Podcast Feeds of: Careers, Pop Theory, Health and Wellbeing.

  • Production of podcasts on independent themes external to the existing themes.

  • Visual content production such as short video interviews.

  • Collaboration with student initiatives on podcast activities or promotion.


Can you spot our 2021 Student team members? (picture below)







































Geneva Intl. on “How to make a podcast” shoot with Ezekiel Boro at the Graduate Institute.





















Geneva Intl. with Guilaume Pasquier (Digital Librarian at the Graduate Institute of Geneva) and Corena Hasselle (Masters in Anthropology and Sociology (ANSO) at the Graduate Institute of Geneva)


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