GISA hosted it's SPRING 2021 General Assembly on Wednesday, 🌟 the 27th of April🌟 at ⏱️ 18h 15 The General Assembly was open to the whole Student Body, Faculty, and the Administration of the Institute. The Executive Committee of the GISA Board, as well as the three Specialized Committees (Professional Development Committee, Environmental Committee, and Welfare Committee), provided a brief overview of their current work and latest updates. In addition to this, the GISA board :

  • Vote on some changes to the Statutes and By-laws of the GISA,

  • Vote on some changes to the Statutes of the Professional Development Committee;

  • Discuss and open a 24hr vote on GISA’s endorsement of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and/or to support the Statement on the Aparthide Free Zone

  • Vote on the proposal to implement Resident Assistants at Picciotto and Grand Morillion.

Please find below some documents that were used on the General Assembly: 1. Agenda: 2. Change Language of GISA Presidents’ role 3. GISA Support of BDS Vote (poll to go out after GA and be open for 24 hrs); a. BDS Vote Description: 4. Proposed changes to the Statutes of the Professional Development Committee 5. Instituting Resident Assistance at each of the Student residencies. 6. The idea to suggest adding advocacy positions to initiatives. If you have any questions regarding the General Assembly or the documents, please do not hesitate to contact GISA’s Administrative Director, Alison Eddy. #gisa #generalassembly #studentpolitics

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