GISA launches its new website

Dear student community, The GISA Board is happy to announce that we have created a brand new website for you over the last month! Our goal with this new website is to make all the important information available for you in a friendly and accessible way. In this website you will find:

  • Our weekly meeting link that you can instantly add to your google calendar.

  • All the relevant information about our board members and the GISA specialized committees

  • A news blog section

  • The minutes of meetings with the class representatives

  • A section on practical information including but not limited to the welcome packet, the new student guide, the student parent guide, useful contacts

  • A section on transparency where you will find the GISA statues, the GISA budget, GISA’s annual working plan and report, the GA overview

  • A section on wellbeing well you can find the welfare committee, mental health support, anti-harassment support

  • A section on events with an event calendar where all the initiatives are going to be able to send their connection links and relevant information about their events

  • and last but not least, a section on the initiatives with the list of initiatives, the initiative portal and initiatives resources or important forms.

We are very grateful to our outgoing president Alexa-Rae Burk for inspiring us to create this new website and for her active participation in its design. We very much hope that you enjoy this new website and the new features on it. Visit our new website in the following link:

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