Announcements from your GISA Board:

GISA is hosting its Spring Elections soon! And we WANT YOU to be on the GISA BOARD! We are an elected body representing the students’ interests at the IHEID. During the next four weeks, we will be holding an #Election Period for several positions on the GISA Board. For this semester, the Student Body will elect fellow students to hold the following four positions: President of GISA, Vice-President of Master's Programs Events Director, Treasurer and President of the Professional Development Committee Send in your platforms (2 batches- refer to the timetable) Friday 9th April and 18th April, 2021! Here you will find a document including a description of each of these positions’ responsibilities and desired skills and above there is the Election Period timetable. Working with GISA is intense but very rewarding, and will allow you to meet and work with many interesting and passionate people! Candidates should have sufficient time to dedicate themselves to the service of their fellow students. Due to these position’s workload, the elected candidate will be awarded a tuition waiver for (Fall 2021- Spring 2022). Please note that the debate will be held online. The GISA Communications Director and Administrative Director will send further details on the debates when the date comes closer. Furthermore, voting will happen through an electronic ballot that you shall receive in your institutional email ( The newly elected candidates for the Executive Committee will be announced at 18h30 on Friday, 23 April 2021. Their mandate will begin on Saturday, 1 May 2021, at which point, the GISA Administrative Director would have contacted the new members of the Board to do a Transition Period with the students holding the position before them.

Electoral Rules

  • Any full-time student of the Institute may become a candidate for election (LLM and exchange students are excluded) on the condition that they are physically present in Geneva for at least two-thirds (⅔) of the weeks during which classes are in session for the two-semester term (Spring 2021-Spring 2022). In other words, candidates would have to be physically present in Geneva for at least ten (10) weeks starting on 1 May 2021.

  • Please check the GISA By-laws Article I, Section 2.3 here.

  • Candidates may approach current Board members for information regarding the position, but they cannot aid them in the election for campaigning purposes.

  • GISA’s funds cannot be used to support candidates, but candidates may use up to CHF 150 of their own funds or from donations on their campaign if expenses are declared and itemized for scrutiny.

  • Candidates may advertise through posters, events, use of the Internet, and videos.

  • These electoral rules observe GISA’s Statutes, which can be found here.

  • All students may propose their candidacy for all six positions. However for the position of PDC President only members of that specialized committee are able to vote.

GISA needs dedicated and passionate candidates to get the best for the Institute’s students, and we encourage as many people as possible to throw their hat into the ring.

Good luck candidates!

GISA invites applications from students for its annual prestigious ‘Student Leadership’ Award. The award aims to recognize outstanding contributions made by a student to the student body at IHEID. Further details about the award can be found below.

Aims and Eligibility

  • The student who is being nominated or applies to be self-nominated for the award should be enrolled as a student at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID).

  • The award aims to recognise the outstanding contribution of a student to the student body at the institute.

  • It aims to recognise the constant investment of a student in activities for the benefit of the entire student body, including active participation in one specialised committee, student initiative and other engagements related to the Graduate Institute’s students life.


  • The student who wins the award will receive a monetary award of 500 CHF and will be recognised at the Institute’s Graduation Ceremony in September 2021.

Nomination Process

Students can nominate themselves or another student by the deadline of Friday, 9th April 2021. To nominate yourself, you can send in a 2-3 minute video explaining a bit about yourself, your involvements at IHEID and why you think you should receive the student leadership award.

In case you want to nominate someone for the student leadership award, consult him/her and send in their nomination. The person would be required to follow the same procedure i.e make a 2-3 minute video of themselves(explaining themselves, their involvements at IHEID and why they think they should be given the student leadership award) and send them to us.

GISA will send all the nominations videos received to the student body on 12 April, allowing the students to view and deliberate on all the candidates.

All the nominations should be sent to

The ‘Student Leadership Award’ candidates will be voted on the same ballot as the GISA Spring elections (21-22 April). The voting polls will be announced on the evening of 23rd April along with the rest of the new GISA Executive Board members.

For any doubts or clarifications drop your queries to

GISA is glad to announce it's FALL 2020 General Assembly on Wednesday, the 27th of April at ⏱️ 18h 15 in Online Find the preliminary agenda Here Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concern or issue to raise at the GA ️ See you all! Mark your calendars! #gisa #generalassembly #studentpolitics

Student's Peace Week :

The Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Initiative, the Peacebuilding Initiative, and the Gender, Peace and Security Coalition have joined forces to organize a thematic week to discuss peace and peacebuilding from different perspectives and approaches. Join us to build peace together!

TUESDAY 20 April 18:00 - Ethical perspectives on peace profession - Talk/Workshop The Peacebuilding Initiative is hosting an interactive talk with the organization: Civilian Peace Service Canada on Tuesday, the 20th of April at 6 pm. We will approach peace from an ethical perspective and address issues such as how peace professionals can get accredited, cross-cultural awareness in peace professions and more, all from two leading peace professionals who have served in famous conflict resolution and peacemaking processes. Register here:


Natural Resources Extraction and Human Rights Violations 2.15PM-3:30PM As part of the Students’ Peace Week, HRCP presents you an event on natural resources extraction and human rights violations. Cobalt is a metal that is in every rechargeable lithium ion battery. That means it is in your phone, your laptop and, more importantly, it will be essential in order to transition to a renewable energy economy and meet the standards of the Paris Agreement. However, cobalt has been linked to numerous adverse social and environmental impacts. During our event, we will discuss these impacts in a panel, looking specifically at the Congo, where almost two-thirds of the world’s cobalt comes from.

Register here:

THURSDAY 22 APRIL 18:00 Movie Night – To End a War (El fin de la Guerra)

In 2012 the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC in Spanish) began secret negotiations in La Habana, Cuba, that led to the signing of the Peace Agreement in September 2016. Join us to explore the road to the end of the longest armed conflict on the American continent, as well as its main obstacles and challenges in the present. The documentary will be followed by a panel that will discuss the main achievements of the peace process in Colombia and the current challenges around its implementation. Register here:

FRIDAY 23 April Online Networking Event Do you feel like you don’t get enough exposure to networking opportunities during this pandemic? We got you covered! As part of our thematic week, together with Career Services and all involved initiatives, we are organising a digital networking event via is a digital space which recreates a real-life networking event by allowing you to walk around a digital room as an avatar and speak to and hear only those who you want to by creating a circle. Check it out here: Join us on Friday, 23rd of April at 4.30 pm. We will send you the access to our specific room when you sign up for the event with the following link: Register here:

Reproductive Health Week :

The Reproductive Health Week (April 12th-16th 2021) presents you unique events to learn about novelties and the cross-cutting importance of contraception, sex and abortion. If you are unfamiliar with these topics or even if you think you know everything already, you might be surprised how crucial and political reproductive health can be. This thematic week is brought to you by the Feminist Collective, the Human Rights, Conflic and Peace Initiative and the Global Health Initiative at the Graduate Institute.

The male contraception guest lecture will provide us with information on historic power imbalances, struggles and opportunities through cutting edge science. If you want to receive the event invitation via email, please sign up via this form

Through our event “Abortion Tourism and Human Rights - Poland, Europe and beyond” we want to raise awareness among our student community on the safe access to abortions, abortion tourism and related activism through a human rights lens. If you want to receive the event invitation via email, please sign up via this form

The Sex Ed Workshop is planned for everybody who is interested in learning more on the topics of sex&reproduction, consent, STIs, queer perspectives and sexual harassment in a chilled environment. If you want to receive the event invitation via email, please sign up via this form


Meet the new executive board of QISA We would like to give a warm welcome to our freshly elected QISA board members for 2021-2022! Delcia Orona (she/they) is our new President Cihangir Can (he/him) is our new Vice-President Camille Schenkenberg (they/them) is our new Treasurer We are grateful for all the efforts our former President Alexa Sydor-Czartorysky (she/her) and Vice-President Matheus Fontes (he/him) have put into QISA over the last year and we'll keep up their lead in making the Institute a more equal, fair and inclusive community for us all. And remember: while this post is about our board, QISA is a family. Wether you want to be active in our projects and advocacy or you're simply looking for a space to feel accepted, included, loved - this family is here for you!

Upcoming Events:

Keep an eye out of all of our upcoming events and registration forms (with the option to sync our QISA Events Google Calendar!) at!

Decolonizing Sexuality Join us for QISA’s inaugural annual month-long event in May: Decolonizing Sexuality! We will have two events a week welcoming community members and esteemed professionals and academics to share their experience and expertise on how colonialism and imperialism, both historical and modern, influence (or infect) sexuality. More information is to come! If you have any suggestions or would like to assist in planning, please reach out!

Virtual Town Hall QISA would like to invite our community to a virtual town hall to discuss feedback and concerns! There will also be an anonymous Q&A! *Date subject to change, so stay tuned via our events page!*

Queer Literature/Art Swap Join us for a fun apero-style event in which we bring a piece of queer literature or any other art form to share with the group! More information, announcements, and registration coming soon! *Date subject to change, so stay tuned via our events page!*

Common Room Chat: Disability & LGBTQ+ Rights Join QISA and A Place for Us Network in discussing the intersection of Disability and LGBTQ+ issues. We will pose and discuss questions on how to be more inclusive, what it means to live at the intersect, and more on Sunday, April 18th at 20h00. *Furthermore, stay tuned for all Common Room Chats, happening every other Sunday!*

Niche Powerpoint Night We would like to invite the community to our Niche Powerpoint Night! We encourage everyone to come prepared with a powerpoint on any topic of their choosing and present it to the group! More information, announcements, and registration coming soon! *Date subject to change, so stay tuned via our events page!*

Wine Down Wednesdays

Join us every other Wednesday (returning on April 14th!) for Wine Down Wednesdays! Grab a glass and sit with us at Perle du Lac to have a chat, play games and have a mid-week wine down! **Please stay tuned at, as time is subject to change!**

QTBIPOC in Higher Education Symposium

As an organization who values diversity and community, we are looking for every opportunity to become more intersectional, inclusive and welcoming to all. Because of that, we encourage everyone to join us at the QTBIPOC in Higher Education Symposium. The LinkedIn event can be found at this link, and you can register for the event here!! As the needs for organizations to address these concerns becomes ever more apparent, we encourage any opportunity to grow and learn. If you have any suggestions or comments on how we, as QISA, can be more inclusive or welcoming to all, or general feedback overall, we encourage you to fill out our anonymous feedback form.

Latest Updates

We are happy to announce the launch of our new LinkedIn page! We have recently completed some amazing projects, including a resources page (which includes Queer Safe Spaces, QueerCare, Queer Terminology and Gender Inclusive Language (English & French), tips on being a good ally, and more)! We will be releasing a Welcome Packet soon, so stay tuned! If you would like someone to talk to for emotional and wellbeing support, do not hesitate to reach out to our Welfare Contact. Office hours are Tuesday 10-12pm and you can sign up here. President office hours are Fridays 1-3pm, and you can sign up for a time slot here. **All future updates you can find on our website at, on our Instagram, or our Facebook! Sign up for our mailing list via our website (mailing list sign-ups at the very bottom of the page!) or by emailing us at We wish everyone a safe, refreshing Spring Break, and we can't wait to see you all back later this month! Lots of Love, QISA

GISA Feminist Collective:

International Women's Day

On the 8th of March, members of the Feminist Collective, Lani and Qisa, got together to learn and practiced Las Tesis's famous choreography, Un violador en tu Camino, and later performed it. On this solemn day, we wanted to show our solidarity with survivors of gender-based violence everywhere. But we also wanted to highlight how the Institute, its students and staff do not necessarily stand apart from the system that creates gender-based violence. As occupants of a space of learning and knowledge-creation, we all have a responsibility to create conversations around this system and question it. This flashmob was a way to participate in creating a space to have these conversations, one that was out there 'in the open', which anyone could join.

The Feminist Collective Art Swap

The Feminist Collective has created an ongoing initiative, the Art Swap on Instagram. We aim to connect the student body whilst participating in co-creating a new collective imagination populated with the perspectives of women, non-binary people, queer people, and transgender people, as well as Brown, Black and Indigenous people. But for this, we need YOUR help: Connect with us if you want to suggest a book, drawing, painting, song, film, photograph, sculpture or anything really that was created by someone who is not a cis/het man.


On the 21st of April at 6 pm, LANI and the Feminist Collective will be hosting a movie night and discussion on ecofeminism. We'll be showing 'feed the green' ( and have guest speakers talk to us about their ecofeminist practices, what ecofeminism is, and why they believe it's an important way to slay the three-headed dragon of capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy. Watch our communication channels to learn more about our speakers in the upcoming weeks.

Book Launch :

Book Launch: “Laws of War in International Thought” (OUP, 2020).

Join us for the launch of Pablo Kalmanovitz’ recent monograph on the history of the laws of war in western political theory. Professor Andrew Clapham and our student Romina Pezzot will serve as discussants. May 6 at 18:15-20:000 via zoom. Email for the calendar invite. Refer to the attached flyer.

Geneva Challenge :

The 2021 edition of The Geneva Challenge - Advancing Development Goals International Contest for graduate students is here. The Geneva Challenge is a project hosted by The Graduate Institute and funded by Swiss Ambassador Jenö Staehelin and aims to encourage interdisciplinary problem-solving analysis among master students on advancing human development within the scope of a relevant topic. This year, students are invited to develop analysis-based proposals on "The Challenges of Crisis Management". As the key to this issue is an interdisciplinary solution, crossing traditional boundaries between academic disciplines, we are inviting Master students from all academic programmes and from anywhere in the world to provide helpful strategic recommendations. Five prizes, one per continent, will be distributed. Teams of 3-5 master students must submit an 8,000 words proposal which:

  • identify a challenge stemming from crisis management;

  • construct an interdisciplinary analysis on how it affects different aspects of development in a specific (but transposable) context;

  • propose innovation at the policy, practice, process or technology levels turning the challenge into development opportunity.

The Geneva Challenge 2021 will distribute 25’000 CHF in monetary prizes and the five finalist teams will be invited (travel and accommodation expenses covered) to publicly present their work in Geneva before a panel of high-level experts. Networking opportunities are also envisioned as part of the prize package. Registrations close on 18 April 2021(Extended deadline!) Submission due by 12 July 2021 More information is available on You can find a flyer of the contest here. If you have any further questions, please send an email to

Professional Development Committee:

The PDC has been conducting events with full force and we are super excited to bring more events your way. In the month of March, we started with the CV and cover letter checks and as of today, we have had sessions with over 15 students and the response has been wonderful!! We are elated that the students are finding these personalised sessions helpful :)

We are also collaborating with the MINT Mentorship to bring to all students, a Mentorship Fair which is a wonderful opportunity for First year students to interact with second year students to talk and learn from their experiences.

We also successfully hosted 2 Inspira Talks and collaborated with the Alumni Office to host the Alumni Roundtable on “A Career in Trade and Finance”. In the month of April, we plan on having more CV and cover letter checks, Future of Work Summit in collaboration with the MDRI and TASC and also have 2 more Inspira Talks planned. We are super pumped and cannot wait to host these events!

Student Initiative on Asia:

Holi heralds the arrival of spring after winter. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil, the blossoming of love and for many, it is a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive. The festival is also celebrated as thanksgiving for good harvest.

In the midst of this pandemic, SIA organised a Holi celebration to reignite the bonds that keep our student community at IHEID alive. SIA distributed colours in different shades, some thandai (a special Holi drink) and postcards, at the Picciotto Common Room on March 28, Sunday.

Since SIA has more postcards, people wishing to collect them can contact @studentinitiativeonasia on instagram or drop an email at


Following the tragic events that happened in Atlanta two weeks ago, and those happening every day to the detriment of people of Asian origins worldwide, the GISA, CEAS and SIA have initiated a joint campaign aimed to tackle the issue of discrimination against people of Asian origins. The Campaign will be conducted in three steps.

  • The CEAS and SIA will release a joint solidarity statement condemning the act of racist behaviour against people of Asian ethnicities. This statement aims at representing the Asian community at IHEID and outside, as well as addressing the whole student body to stand against any form of racism.

  • To raise awareness about the everyday acts of racism that Asian students have to go through, we welcome students from the Asian community to support the campaign by filling in this anonymous form to share experiences of microaggressions or racist acts against them, which will be used in our anti-racism posters on campus and in PCR.

From 12th to 17th of April, we will welcome you to write down your experiences on a whiteboard at Petal 2 as well as on the classrooms' glass walls. (You can also send them to us via the google form for more anonymity, and we will write for you!)

  • The third step of this Campaign is an academic panel discussion to be scheduled soon (TBD). On this occasion, we will address the issue from a more academic perspective, discussing topics such as the social roots of racism and possible solutions.

Starting from the baby steps, we are aiming at more substantial changes, which would be impossible without your kind support and allyship for the campaign and the Asian community.

Support us now by filling out the form, let this issue garner more attention and aim at eradicating all forms of racism both at the Institute and outside.

GISA Podcast Initiative:

Media Training Workshop: Discuss your research, become a star Time: 10:00AM - 12:00PM Date: 17th of April Nobody said a sit down, in depth interview was easy. But it could be. Young researchers are increasingly asked to talk about their projects. Be it in a podcast, a video or any other form of media, there is no reason you should feel uncomfortable when delivering your message. Whether you are a rock star in the making, or just finishing your dissertation, join us on April 17th and learn how to talk to the media, effectively. Sign up here:

GISA Welfare Committee:

Regular Welfare Events

  • Weekly Zumba Classes with Laura Silva Aya on Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 6-7 PM

  • “Quarantine Buddy Initiative” - ongoing: pairing new students at the Institute with current students via online platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams

Other Activities Organized:

March 2021

March 06, 2021: Menstrual Cup Workshop with Dr Tanaya Narendra organised in collaboration with GISA, SIA, EC, Feminist Collective, Global Health Initiative

March 7-12, 2021: Free Menstrual Cup Distribution in association with Paint It Red at the Student Residences

March 17, 2021: Sustainable Menstruation Workshop with Ananya Chhaochharia of Paint It Red, in collaboration with SIA

March 19, 2021: Virtual Storytelling Workshop by Richard Richards

March 29, 2021: Holi Celebration and Thandaai Distribution organised in collaboration with SIA

April 2021:

April 01, 2021: Easter Celebration and Chocolate Distribution! Upcoming Events in Mid April 2021:

  • Art Therapy Workshop

  • Welfare Committee’s Games Night

GISA Lafayette:

This Sunday, April 4th at midnight CET, students have their last chance to participate as debaters in the Geneva Debate. This youth-led initiative, which is based on the World Schools Debate format, is the Graduate Institute's official and preeminent student debate on current affairs and global development. The Geneva Debate will become International Geneva's annual forum for students, faculty, alumni, and the broader Geneva community to critically engage on the pressing issues of today and tomorrow. Apply with to represent our brilliant student body in front of a jury of 2 professors, 2 practitioners, and 1 young person in Ivan Pictet Auditorium

Facing this Moment

After a global pandemic and a world war, the founders of the Graduate Institute assembled along the banks of Lac Léman. Prevent WAR. This was their mission. The spirit that runs through Maison de la paix was born and one hundred years later, after a global pandemic, Geneva still remains the center of global PEACE in the world.

Yet while we have not fallen into the brink of World War Three, we are neither at full peace. We are surrounded by invisible battles: the deterioration of the climate, cyber-attacks, an invisible virus, depression, the democratization of truth. Can Geneva be a beacon of hope in our era of uncertainty? Can the young people of this city carry on the legacy that their peace-building forebears left to them?

We at the Geneva Debate answer in the affirmative. We are here to make the voices of those young people visible and heard.


On March 23rd, CEAS hosted our first ‘Thesis Brainstorming’ workshop, in which students were able to seek advice on thesis topics, engage in discussion, and hear from two excellent academic advisors who provided insights into conducting research on China and East Asia. A second session will be held later in the semester – lookout for our promotion closer to the time!

On March 28th, we ran our first set of free language classes for IHEID students and not, with sessions of Mandarin, Korean and Japanese at various levels. The classes were a great success, and we’re thrilled to confirm the schedule for these fortnightly classes after the Easter vacation and for the rest of the semester: Ø Chinese Intermediate/Advanced: Sunday 12-1pm CET Venue: Picciotto Common Room (in-person) Ø Chinese Beginners: Sunday 2-3pm CET To join the class online please click the link here Ø Japanese Beginners: Sunday 3-4pm CET To join the class online please click the link here Ø Korean Beginners: Sunday 8-9pm CET To join the class online please click the link here Password for all classes’ links: iloveceas Follow the links (or come to PCR) to join your class of choice! ARE YOU JAPANESE NATIVE OR EXPERIENCED SPEAKER? JOIN OUR TEACHING TEAM BY CONTACTING US VIA EMAIL OR SOCIAL MEDIA! 5CHF per class reward is granted, as well as a stimulating and fun teaching/learning experience! ——— Did you miss the first session of the classes? Don’t worry, you can watch the recording for Japanese and Chinese classes here at these links: Japanese 1st Session Recording link Password: JAPANESEclass1 Chinese 1st Session Recording link Password: CHINESEclass1 Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, we were not able to record the first session of Korean class, but look forward to see you in the next ones, and our teachers will be more than happy to catch you up!

GISA Migration Initiative:

Are you a migrant in Geneva? Share your story about arriving here, finding a home, or making peace with being a new place. The Migrants of Geneva project, sponsored by the GISA migration initiative, is collecting stories that remind all of us that, no matter the wide variety of reasons that we came to Geneva from other countries, we are all working together to assimilate, connect, and find belonging. Diana, from Colombia, is taking English classes with Francesca Rizzi. The Migration Initiative organizes free French and English classes to support migrants and refugees in Geneva. Diana shared her own story of arrival and belonging with her class, and with the Migrants of Geneva Project.

“I'm born in Colombia I moved to Spain when I was 18 years old. I had my aunt in Spain and my mother I start to work in like a cleaner and assistant people. During my first 3 years I don't have my reglamentar documents but finally by my job I get. That help me to study after that I change my life my new job there was in pool like a swimming teacher. I stay 2 years in my job after I decide to change and I passed the army test. I moved to Zaragoza Spain in the Army I see too many things but I want learn something more travel learning one language and one friend talk me about Genève and 2 years after I came to here. My first year there was the most difficult because I don't know the language, I don't have too much money for that city. Well when I arrived my friend meet me with one or his friend and I started to live with them, in from of CC Charmilles in a garage with 5 more people. We has too much difficulty to find something properly and cheaper. Here the location it's so difficult, expensive and sometimes the conditions are not the best. I rest 8 months in that place during my first three months I learned French and I try to find a job. Difficult job when you don't speak and you don't have the good contact. Finally I found a job in one hotel like a housekeeping, in that place I start to speak and know more about here. My work there was soo hard. One year after I decide to move. And during my free time I does a formation for work in the swimming pool. Finally a found a job in Lausanne in the tribunal fédéral pool. My job there was great but only for 4 months. Well I come back to Genève i try to found a job in them most of them there was temporally and my mind one learned something more. 3 years after I decided to moved again to Spain and take a formation. How I like too much the environment I start to study energetic efficiency. But I saw to much electricity well I decided to study also electricity. When I finished my studies I moved again to here and now I work 100% I learn each day but I still I have too much things to learn. At the second time to came my process to find a job there was not too much difficulty, find a house it's all time à problem but I'm happy with my family.” - Diana If you want to share your experience, fill in the form at to build our community of newcomers in this city.

The Graduate Press:

The Graduate Press (TGP) is the graduate student-run publication of the Graduate Institute. Sustainability Week Switzerland The Geneva Sustainability Week is an annual student project in collaboration with IHEID and Université de Genève with the aim of bringing discussions about sustainability into higher education institutions. Read our full coverage here ! __ Open-Mic Storytelling Night Jointly with the Podcast Initiative, The Graduate Press will be hosting an Open-Mic storytelling night soon. As a platform that welcomes all student voices, we can’t wait to hear from your stories about your pandemic experience, your life or anything you feel engaged with. Stay tuned ! __ On Diversity and Disparity Louka,a current student at the Institute, shared with us his story. This piece is part of a new series called “On Diversity and Disparity” from the Graduate Press. “On Diversity and Disparity” explores the vast differences in student lives through a critical lens, and asks how these differences create disparities in our experiences at the Graduate Institute and beyond. If you or anyone you know might be interested in being profiled for this series, please reach out to us at For live updates on institute events, upcoming collaborations, upcoming issues, and other multimedia, follow The Graduate Press on Instagram (@thegraduatepress), on Twitter (@GraduatePress), like us on Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter. — Initiative Collaborations: The Graduate Press continues to collaborate with the Regional Initiatives (SIA, LANI, MENA, SEEI, CEAS, and ASA) for the “Global Perspectives” column, an initiative centered around bringing voices and experiences from around the world to the forefront. — WRITER’S POOL: The Graduate Press works with writers’, composed of incoming and outgoing students at the Graduate Institute. You can join the Whatsapp Group . — Apart from these series, collaborations, and applying for our writers team, The Graduate Press is always looking for submissions from the IHEID community. Be a part of the conversation. Submit to

Junior Diplomat Initiative:

The Youth Dialogue of the Junior Diplomat Initiative Switzerland is the annual conference bringing together students from all over Switzerland and beyond. At this year’s Youth Dialogue with the title: Crisis & Diplomacy participants will have the chance to engage with professionals from the diplomatic field and academia. In three different online panels you will have the opportunity to learn about contemporary diplomacy challenges and ask questions. In the Science and Diplomacy Panel, experts from IHEID, GAVI and WHO will discuss what role diplomacy plays in tackling the COVID-19 crisis. Among the speakers will be Susan Brown, Director, Public Policy Engagement at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. In the Ethics and Diplomacy Panel, David Rodin, CEO of Principia Advisory, Senior Fellow of the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs will discuss with two other panelists the question on ‘how do diplomats navigate the contours of ethical dilemmas in international crises?’ What format does cyber diplomacy have and how important is it at the moment? What will be the core function of cyber diplomats and can cyberspace be used as a way to build peace? These and other questions will be discussed by Jaroslaw K. Ponder, Head of the ITU Europe Office and his fellow panelists in the Cybersecurity and Peace Panel. Don't miss this opportunity and register now for the Youth Dialogue 2021: More panelists will be revealed soon - Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned.

Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Initiative:

Coffee chat with Helen Morris, UNHCR: 13th of April at 4:15pm

We invite you all to join us in talking to Helen Morris, the Senior Policy and Evaluation Officer at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The informal discussion will take place on April 13th at 4:15pm. She will share her professional experiences and give us a unique opportunity to ask all our questions. To register please sign up with this form.