Announcements from your GISA Board:

Dear fellow IHEID community,

We know you are in the midst of finishing your finals, and we are right there alongside you! Some of you are taking deep breaths of relief because you just turned in your last paper! Either way, a little celebration for you, because you are finishing your second (or another!) semester of graduate school, during a global pandemic no less. As we enter the official summer break (which runs from around June 21 until mid-September), we hope that you can relax into a very well-deserved break. For the GISA Board, the break will be an important time for advocacy work, and we will still be meeting and providing updates on it on an ongoing basis. We will be working on our annual report and working plan to be sent by the end of June. We will also host an extraordinary General Assembly on June 24th (please check all the details below) and we will be organizing town halls and many other things. We invite you all to participate in the extraordinary GA and the town halls to help us to improve our association and the way we advocate for you. Now, we have a couple of reminders dealing with the break:

  • We want to remind you that, although the GISA Board is officially on break alongside you, we will be here for you during the break via email or video call! Feel free to reach out to any of us in case you need something from us or just to share with us how you are feeling. For our wellbeing, we have marked out days when we will be unavailable. You can see this calendar to check our board members’ precise availability over the summer break. Please note that we will not be able to respond to your messages promptly on the days we have marked and highlighted our names. However, if it is urgent, please make the subject “URGENT” and we will get back to you.

  • We also want you to remind you that in case you have any wellbeing concerns during the break, the IHEID student wellbeing office is available to help you. You can avail of the free consultation throughout the summer break! Please don’t hesitate to contact Eliane Minassian via email at or via text/whatsapp +41 22 908 43 84.

  • Regarding IHEID subletting: a serious reminder that those subletting their apartments at Picciotto must do so at the same price that they pay. You cannot profit from your sublet according to the contract.

  • Here’s the KNOW YOUR RESOURCES document. We have compiled a comprehensive list of resources that can be availed at IHEID and Geneva--from journals and publications available online, library resources, VPN and tech support, websites and links for reaching out to our in-house counsellor and services provided by UNIGE--We've got you covered!

  • For additional information on available resources, please do go through our WELCOME PACKET INFO KIT that has been collated by QISA, FEMINIST COLLECTIVE & WELFARE COMMITTEE.

Finally, the Welfare Committee and Student Support have opened a Buddy form for over the break and the SOLIDARITY ACTION form. You can put your name as a volunteer or as someone who would like to hang out with someone. It’s a human connection network, and worth checking out.

Extraordinary Assembly:

Dear Students, According to our Statutes (Article III, section 2, sub-section c), a group of students has summoned an extraordinary General Assembly by submitting a written request signed by at least one-tenth (1/10) of the students. Following our By-Laws, the students must notify all GISA members at least 15 days prior to the date of the meeting, and circulate a detailed agenda for the extraordinary GA, as well as any necessary documents and proposals to be discussed, at least seven days before the event. Since we’re nearing the end of the semester, this GA must necessarily take place during the summer, which entails that a minimum of three members of the GISA Executive Committee must be present for the GA to be competent to carry out its duties. Therefore, the GISA Board hereby announces that this Extraordinary General Assembly will be held on Thursday the 24th of June, on Webex at a time to be determined based on your feedback. Add this event to your Google Calendar. The GA organizers in collaboration with GISA have created this form to gather students’ opinions on issues that have been brought forth. We request you to please fill it out by Friday 11th June, 11:59 p.m (CET) Please fill out the form above to put forth any topics that you find are important enough to be discussed this summer. If you would like more information and updates on where the GISA Board and other members are at in terms of advocating on certain topics, we implore you to read this document for reference. This is intended to provide you with as much information as possible in proposing topics and participation in the Extraordinary GA. This is an opportunity for all students - disciplinary and interdisciplinary MA students and PhDs - to be involved and share their thoughts on issues that affect all of us. This call for collaboration in the process of summoning the extraordinary General Assembly is aimed at increasing the transparency and participation of the process. Sending strength, solidarity, and reminders to prioritize self-care during the last few weeks of finals!

Women in Econ Léman:

Women in Econ Leman launched their your Show workshop with Nathaly Leduc. Nathaly is a theater-maker with a background in Anthropology and Social Communication. Through a series of three 1.5-hour-long meetings, participants engaged in role-plays, discussions, and dynamic exercises that put into practice public speaking techniques. They have learned how to pitch a project, read the audience, and techniques helping them to be empowered and own their performance even in patriarchal environments. The deadline for the Rare Voices in Economics Conference was at May 27. Advanced Ph.D. students in their dissertation phase and post-docs from ALL FIELDS could have submitted their papers. The conference promotes a meaningful exchange among economists of diverse backgrounds, with a focus on fairly representing all voices of our community. We wish to provide a space where selected high-quality research presentations from all fields will be met with a challenging and benevolent audience. The keynote speakers are Prof. Emmanuelle Auriol (Toulouse School of Economics) and Prof. Estefania Santacreu-Vasut (ESSEC business school).

The Graduate Press :

With the end of the semester, we would like to thank everyone for the beautiful pieces they have submitted. It was our pleasure to read them, and we are looking forward to sharing them with the student body soon. Brace yourself for TGP’s Spring Print Issue!

LANI, Black Conversations and the Gender Centre:

On May 25, 2021, LANI, Black Conversations, and The Gender Centre, together with the collaboration of ALARI (Afro-Latin American Research Institute) at Harvard University, had the honor of hosting the event “Understanding Blackness in 21st Century Latin America and the Caribbean.” With over 90 people connecting in an outstanding event with marvelous speakers, this is the first event online organized by an initiative to have simultaneous interpretation in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) available at the Institute. The panel discussed different perspectives of the Afrolatinxs identity, gender, participation, and experiences in academia, activism, public and private spaces that are often not discussed at higher education institutions such as The Institute. The event was introduced by Professor Graziella Moraes Silva, moderated by the student Karen Chica Gomez and its panelists were the scholars Yesenia Olaya and Rosa Clemente and the activist Emerson Caetano. The event’s organization was led by current and incoming students and members of LANI and Black Conversations and students from the Geneva Academy. These collaborative efforts were crucial for the success of the event.

GISA Lafayette :

Last Wednesday, the Geneva Debate establish a new civic tradition of student-led debate at the Graduate Institute. The voices of the seven student debaters - our fellow colleagues - were heard before a distinguished panel of jurors, Director Marie-Laure Salles, Former President Ruth Dreifuss, and an international online and in-person audience of over 400 individuals.

Most importantly, in the spirit of consensus and understanding, they re-ignited a new tradition of formal debate within our community. In the words of Director Salles, they were all winners for "opening up our internal black boxes."

Help us celebrate our debaters and our executive team in their accomplishment of asserting the students of the Graduate Institute as future change-makers in International Geneva.

Read the article published by the Graduate Press for more information about the Inaugural Geneva Debate, its founding ideas, and its historic debut on May 26th.

A full video of the Geneva Debate will be released shortly. Keep your eye out for updates!

The Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Initiative :

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the 1951 Refugee Convention, HRCP and Amnesty International's English-speaking group in Geneva (Amnesty Group 40) are excited to be hosting three virtual events! To learn more about the different events and to register, see below! We are looking forward to seeing you there! Event 1: The 1951 Refugee Convention Contributions and Limitations - Tuesday, 15th June, 18:00-19:30

  • Provides an overview of the Convention's humanitarian spirit and a discussion of legal challenges faced by asylum seekers in Switzerland

  • Speakers: Prof. Vincent Chetail (Director, Global Migration Centre, Graduate Institute), Alicia Giraudel (Jurist/Legal Officer and Refugee Coordinator, Amnesty International)

  • Registration link:

Event 2: Beyond Asylum: Refugee Dignity and Respect - Tuesday, 22nd June, 18:00-19:00

  • Explores how refugees experience life in Switzerland and ways to break down stereotypes and improve their welcome.

  • Speakers: Adiba Qasim (Yazidi survivor and refugee, peacebuilding worker and freelance journalist), Anila Noor (Head of New Women's Connectors, working with refugee women across Europe to overcome marginalisation), Anne-Cécile Leyvraz (Jurist and Research Fellow at Haute École de Travail Social et de la Santé, Lausanne), Elise Shubs (Filmmaker and Vice-President of Casa Azul Films)

  • Registration link:

Event 3: Standing with Refugees, Breaking Down Walls - Monday, 28th June, 18:00-19:00

  • Several activists present a variety of perspectives on the fight to make Switzerland welcoming and inclusive.

  • Speakers: Marie-Laure Bonard (Solidarité Tattes), Pablo Cruchon (Amnesty International Switzerland), Julie Franck (Café Solidaires UNIGE), Kate Wiggans (Islamic Relief Worldwide)

  • Registration link:


Happy Pride Month! ️‍

Happy Pride Month to the Graduate Institute community! We hope that you have been taking time to rest and get through the last few weeks of the semester! You're almost there, congratulations!

Below we have attached some of our upcoming events, updates, and reminders. We hope this month will be a time to reflect on what the LGBTQIA+ and queer community means to us, and how we can embrace it, celebrate it, and commemorate it throughout the coming weeks. We also hope for a sunny Pride Month filled with a lot of fun and exciting events! ♥️

Upcoming Events:

QISA Town Hall We encourage everyone to come to our end-of-the-semester town hall on June 16th! Come and make your voices heard! Add it to your calendars here! *note: link on calendar event!*

END OF THE SEMESTER PRIDE PARTY Keep an eye out on our Instagram and email for this fun and extravagant Pride Party after finals. We will leek details throughout the coming weeks! *Add it to your Calendar*

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop updates Our video-making process has begun! If you have ideas or suggestions for a video, please fill out this form. If you would like to give feedback on what you believe should be addressed at the Institute, please take our survey! You can find all of this information, including how to get involved, on the QISA Events page!

~A brief summary of how the videos are going so far~

Thank you to everyone who has been involved thus far in making this a fun and collaborative creation!



Weekly Meetings Monday @ 19:15 We will resume weekly meetings after finals! Add it to your calendar here if you would like to attend! Make sure to check out our events page/calendar frequently to see what we're up to!

Updates & Reminders:

If you have yet to explore the Welcome Packet, don't forget to do so! You can download the Welcome Packet at this link or at! Continued Updates on All Gender Restrooms at the Institute The signage for the all-gender restrooms is still being updated and corrected. Please contact us if you have any questions. Please find our full statement here. As a reminder: these restrooms can be found interpetale, in the hallway leading down to S7, S8, and S9! *Hopefully you will also find new all-gender restrooms showing up throughout Maison de la Paix!*

**We are happy to announce our new Welfare Director: Nivedita Joon!**

**Check out our Welfare Contact page for more information** Update: Welfare Office Hours on Fridays @ 5-6pm! Stay tuned on our website for more information and how to sign up!

President office hours: Fridays 13h-15h You can make an appointment here!

We hope everyone has an incredible Pride Month 2021!

With love, QISA Website: Insta: @qisa_iheid Facebook: LinkedIn: QISA IHEID

Fair Internship Initiative:

Professional Development Committee:

With another semester in hybrid mode, PDC continued to strive for a variety of events that catered to the entire student community. We held our last online event of the semester on the 25th of May. The PDC collaborated with the Geneva International Podcast Initiative and the Career Services to launch the first edition of our “Work-a-Pod Series”- PR & Communications for International Development. This annual series focuses on catering to those, who are interested in and wish to build a career in the field of Public Relations and related fields. We were joined by panelists from the European Broadcasting Union, Roche, UNHCR. The session was extremely informative, interactive, and was widely appreciated by the students. We look forward to conducting many more events in the coming semester that’ll help the students develop professionally. The PDC wishes you all a safe and happy summer!

Welfare Committee:

For more IHEID events, click here. or visit our GISA website here.

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