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South East European Initiative

Established in September 2020, the South East European Initiative is a student-led initiative created under the auspices of the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA), with the aim to promote the unique and diverse regions of Southern, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and their cultural, historical, economic, environmental and political particularities, as well as their relevance in the context of Europe and wider. The initiative is of open character, and we encourage everyone with an interest in Southern, Eastern or Southeastern Europe to join us.

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Co-President: Matvej Dubianskij


Co-President: Zoe Zahariadis


Co-President: Maria Kamenias


Events Co-Coordinator: Adnan Sose

Events Co-Coordinator: Vasia Kaidantzi

Communications Director: Lilia Valcheva


Treasurer: Muamer Brka

Our Mission

The mission of SEEI is to inform the Graduate Institute academic community, as well as the general public, about the utmost relevance of the region we promote by providing verified information either in English or in one of its region’s spoken languages. In this sense, SEEI strives to reach its first, educational goal.

We are also particularly open to students who have research plans, or are contemplating about a possible thesis that is related to our region, by providing rigorous academic assistance. Here, SEEI strives to reach its second, academic goal.

SEEI also aims to facilitate networking opportunities for current and incoming students of the Graduate Institute, primarily in the so-called International Geneva. Through this, SEEI strives to reach its third, professional goal.



We're always excited for students to get involved!

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