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Solidarity Statement

GISA stands in solidarity with those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

On Monday, February 6, two earthquakes with 7.8 magnitude struck southern-eastern Turkey and north-western Syria. The natural disaster caused the death of over 28 000 people and devastated entire cities impacting 23 million people according to the WHO. In Syria, the earthquake affected 10.9 million people with 5.3 million that have lost their homes.

Call for donations

GISA and the students of IHEID stand in solidarity with the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. Donating is the most helpful way to express solidarity and empathy which is why we wish to facilitate donations to support the NGOs working on the ground as even 1 CHF/EURO goes a long way.

Donation links will be shared on our website, if you know more organisations students, please send them to use by email and they will be added to our website.

Source: @yusufkeremcal

Donate to Earthquake Response

Donate to Earthquake Response

Call for Donations

Sanctions and Western blockades make humanitarian relief even more difficult, which is why we are sharing donation links targeted to humanitarian aid in Syria.

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