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Results: Spring 2022 GISA Elections

Congratulations to our newly elected GISA Board!

GISA President/Président

Angie Bittar - 212 votes

Kevin Jura- 120 votes

Abstain - 49 votes

Write-in - 10

GISA Vice-President for Master's Programmes/Vice-président des programmes de master

Sanika Santhosh - 142 votes

Logan Dean Dupuy - 104 votes

Abstain - 28 votes

Write-in - 5

GISA Treasurer/Trésorier

Nishtha Agarwal- 299 votes

Abstain - 87 votes

Write-in- 9

GISA Events Coordinator/Coordinateur d'événements

Samantha Khoo Su-Yen - 300 votes

Abstain - 84 votes

Write-in - 11

President of the Professional Development Committee/ Président du Comité de développement professionnel

Tanvee Kanaujia - 304 votes

Abstain- 83 votes

Write-in - 8

Student Leadership Award 2022

Flavian Mèche | Cäcilia Riederer - (Feminist Collective) - 94 votes

Lorena Villavicencio (GISA Vice-President for Master's Programmes) - 93 votes

Apoorva Sekhar (Former President, SIA)- 74 votes

Delcia Orona (Former President, QISA) - 55 votes

Abstain - 62 votes

Write-in - 17


GISA is glad to announce that GISA’s Spring 2022 Election season is officially here, and six of ten (6/10) positions on the GISA Board are currently up for election including

  • President

  • Vice President for Master’s Programmes

  • Vice President for PhD Programmes (will serve until GISA’s Fall 2022 Election)†

  • Treasurer

  • Events Coordinator

  • President of the Professional Development Committee

Position descriptions can be found here. The election will be run in accordance with Article IV of GISA Statutes, and Article I of the GISA Bylaws.

We highly encourage anyone interested in joining the board to run. While working on the GISA board comes with many responsibilities, it is a very rewarding job. All members of the GISA Board are entitled to a tuition waiver for serving, as well. Also, we are still accepting nominations for the Student Leadership Award! Please continue reading to find the election schedule and for further information on the how to apply.

Election Schedule

How to Apply

Students who are interested in running for a position must complete this self-nomination form by the deadline found in the election schedule above.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. All candidates:

a. Only students enrolled at the Institute for the entire length of a term are permitted to declare candidacy.

b. Executive Committee members are required to be physically present in Geneva for at least two-thirds (2/3) of the weeks during which classes are in session of each academic semester. They are defined as such by the first day of classes and the last day of classes of each semester for that given academic year for the duration of their term.

2. Vice President for Master’s Programmes:

The Vice-President of Master’s Programmes must be currently enrolled in a Master’s programme at the Institute, and must be continuing this programme the fall after their election.

3. Vice President for PhD Programmes:

The Vice-President of PhD Programmes must be currently enrolled in a PhD programme at the Institute.

Campaign Guidelines

1. Candidates for any position are permitted to campaign. Campaigning activities may include but are not limited to:

  1. Physical advertising (posters, flyers, etcetera);

  2. Online advertising; and,

  3. Events promoting a specific candidate or group of candidates.

2. Campaigning shall not begin until the beginning of the nomination period as defined in Section 4(1)(a) of this Article. Campaigning may continue through the duration of the election.

3. Campaign expenditures and donations are governed according to the following procedures:

  1. No candidate is permitted to use GISA funds, in any allocation form, for campaign events or campaign materials.

  2. Candidates are permitted to spend up to CHF 150 for their campaign.

  3. Candidates who spend money on a campaign shall submit an itemised and detailed list of all campaign expenditures both for the enforcement of the 150 CHF limit as well as for the knowledge of voters.

  4. Candidates may accept monetary donations for their campaign provided expenditures do not exceed 150 CHF.

  5. Material donations must be declared; a value must be established for each material donations. This estimated value counts against the CHF 150 limit for each campaign. All material donations must be reported to the GISA President and Treasurer.

4. Current Executive Committee members are prohibited from publicly supporting or campaigning on behalf of any candidate for any position.

  1. With respect to the use of social media, any activity on such platforms by the Executive Committee members during the election period is presumed to be purely in support and promotion of the electoral process and student engagement.

  2. Notwithstanding the presumption addressed in subparagraph (a), an Executive Committee member is deemed to violate this paragraph when that member explicitly endorses a candidate.

  3. In the spirit of integrity, where an Executive Committee member has violated this paragraph, that member shall cease to be involved in the further organisation of the elections for the Executive Committee at once.

Student Leadership Award Information


The Student Leadership Award aims to recognise the outstanding contributions made by a student to the student body of the Institute. The constant investment of a student in activities for the benefit of the entire student committee is manifest in:

1. Active participation in a Specialised Committee;

2. Active participation in a Student Initiative; or,

3. Any other engagement that significantly improves student life at the Institute.

Eligibility Requirement:

Any student, including a current GISA Executive Board Member or Class Representative, who is currently enrolled at the Institute.

Nomination Procedures:

1. Students can nominate themselves or another student by the deadline of 02 May 2022, at 12h 00 CET.

2. Self-nominations

a. To nominate yourself, you must use this nomination form.

b. As part of the nomination, you must include a public YouTube link to a 2– 3-minute video explaining a bit about yourself, your involvements at IHEID, and why you think you should receive the student leadership award.

3. Nominating someone else:

a. In case you want to nominate someone for the student leadership award, consult them prior to submitting in their nomination.

b. To nominate someone else, you must use this nomination form.

c. The person would be required to follow the same procedure.

d. You must include a public YouTube link to a 2–3-minute video of nominee explaining themselves, their involvements at IHEID, and why they think they should be given the student leadership award.

4. GISA will send all the nominations videos received to the student body on 02 May 2022, at 18h 00 CET, allowing the students to view and deliberate on all of the candidates.

5. The election of the recipient of the Student Leadership Award concurs with the Spring elections of the Members of the Executive Committee.

Election Procedures:

Students will elect the recipient of the Student Leadership Award at the same time as they elect the new GISA officers.


The recipient of the Student Leadership Award will receive 500 CHF.

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