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About SIA


The Student Initiative on Asia is a regional initiative which strives to increase awareness about socio-political and cultural issues surrounding Asia. Our work over the years has touched areas such as (but not limited to) panel discussions on a variety of issues, anti-racism campaigns, protests and awareness campaigns, cultural events, cooking shows, potlucks, literature review and discussion sessions where students get the opportunity to discuss intricate issues addressed in Asian scholarship, the celebration of Holi, Diwali, Eid and the observance of Ramadan, and finally, the much renowned ‘Diplomacy Series’- a popular interactional series wherein we offer a platform for young students to interact with diplomats of Asian countries. While SIA is geared towards broadening a regional perspective on issues and activities, we work in active collaboration with GISA and the other regional initiatives at the Graduate Institute.


The SIA Board for 2021-22 comprises of a team of 10 members who you will find always at your disposal   




























Name: Apoorva Sekhar         

Position: President    



Name: Manoswini Sarkar     

Position: Vice-President



Name: Arveen Kaur Sodhi

Position: Treasurer



Name: Devika Vohra

Position: Outreach and external partnership head



Name: Lucile Monique Jacqueline Mougeat

Position: Events Coordinator



Name: Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak

Position: Communications Director


Name: Yuli Chen

Position: Student Advocay Team



Name: Nivedita Joon

Position: Student Advocacy Team



Name: Monideepa Mukherjee

Position: Student Advocacy Team



Name: Mallika Goel

Position: Creative Head




List of Events in 2020-2021:

  1. Asian Market Tour in Welcome Month 2020

  2. Cultural Night with LANI, MENA and ASA in Welcome Month 2020

  3. Online Cooking Show with EC and another upcoming.

  4. Celebrating Asian Women in Literature: A Reading and Discussion Session

  5. Menstrual Cup Workshop with Dr. Tanaya Narendra for International Women’s Day (With other initiatives)

  6. Free Menstrual Cup Distribution and event on Sustainable Menstruation

  7. Anti-Asian Racism campaign (With CEAS and GISA)

  8. Solidarity Statements:                                                                                                     -- About Anti-Asian Racism                                                                                                                                                                     -  -  About Farmers’ Protest in India

  9.  Diplomacy Series                                                                                                                                                             - Interactive Session with Indian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN                                                             - Interactive Session with Bangladeshi Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN (Upcoming)

  10. Celebration of the Festival of Holi (Distribution of Colours and souvenirs)

  11. Collaboration with EC, LANI and Black Conversations on Panel Discussion on ‘Environmental Racism’

  12. Collaboration with GPSC on Movie Screening and Panel Discussion on ‘Women in Sports’ for International Women’s Day

  13. Asia Perspectives on Gender (Upcoming)


Connect with us!

Students are encouraged to reach SIA via email, via our instagram and facebook page 

Please feel free to check out our Instagram page for more information on our events. 

Our Instagram page also has all our solidarity statements attached with resources to read up on.

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