Regional Initiatives

South East European Initiative, China and East Asia Studies Initiative, Student Initiative on Asia, Latin American Network Initiative, Afrique Student Association

 Service & Volunteer

Solidarity Initiative, MentorED

Politics, Research &  Debate

Human Rights, Conflict and Peace, Migration, Global Health Initiative, Gender, Peace & Security Coalition, Water, Women in Econ Léman, Black Conversations, Lafayette Society, Macro-Development Research Initiative, Middle Eastern Network Association, Understanding Kashmir, Initiative for Detainees

    Press & Media 

   Grad Press, Podcast Initiative


Queer International Student Assembly,  Feminist Collective, Parents Initiative

  Health & Wellness

Salsa Fever, Graduate Party Committee, Sports and Recreation Initiative

   Group of Practice

Junior Diplomat Initiative, Geneva Consulting Network, C4SI, Peace Building Initiative, Fair Internship Initiatiave

     Study Groups

Critical Theory Reading Group,  Amicale des Étudiantes et Étudiants Francophones, Bible Study

 Entrepreneurship &   Innovation

Centre for Student Entrepreneurship, Technology and Security Initiative