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Technology and Security Initiative (TechSec)

TechSec is the Technology and Security Initiative at the Geneva Graduate Institute. The idea behind TechSec is to initiate conversations around the intersection of technological developments and security in the large sense. We aim to bring a youth perspective to the fore as well as raise awareness
around these topics through constructive dialogue and knowledge-sharing.

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Board Members

Co-head: Daniel Haltmeier 
Co-head: Yung-Hsuan Wu

Events Coordinator: Sahil Jain 

Events Coordinator: Leif Monnett

Outreach Coordinator: Veronika Soloveva

Outreach Coordinator: Chatrina Schumacher 

Content Creator: Maya Schmidt

Social Media Coordinator: Agathe Vuichard 

Our Mission

Cyberspace and digital technologies are increasingly important in every aspect of our lives. Technological developments also impact virtually all topics we study at the Institute. Not only do the digital sphere and technological development provide a new arena for great power competition, but they also influence how armed conflicts are being fought and resolved. Moreover, individual security and enjoyment of human rights can also be affected as the impacts of digital tools cross-cut with
environmental, gender, race, inequality, legal and governmental issues.

Our mission is to provide a more comprehensive view of how technological developments impact security on the international, national, and individual levels. The domains in which technologies are bringing changes are diversified; TechSec wants to make sense of the current developments and bridge the gap between the ‘hard’ and social sciences.


To this end, we are engaging on three pillars:

● Through interactive events, we explore topics on technology and security through an interdisciplinary lens. For instance, we have previously discussed the cyber dimension of the Russian war in Ukraine, gender and racial biases in AI, the Facebook oversight board, internet freedom in the MENA region, lethal autonomous weapon systems, and many more.
● By engaging in advocacy, we raise awareness of the need to include a student perspective on how technological topics inside the IHEID should be approached. We seek dialogue with different services and processes of the IHEID to give students a voice and advocate for expanding the services and courses offered by the Institute. On the other hand, we aim to make the existing resources more known and accessible to students for instance through
events during Welcome Month.
● We are working on building a network and community that is tech-conscious and well-equipped for the job market. For this goal, we previously offered skill workshops (R and Python) and organized awareness-raising events such as data security and privacy by offering to exchange personal data against coffee. We are establishing an alumni network and promoting career opportunities and paths.

Similarly, our goals are to foster IHEID’s community’s understanding of technology and its respective
impact on their fields of study and work and thereby mitigating the fear or reluctance of engaging with
technological issues.


Do you want to be updated on our events and activities? Become a member and join our Whatsapp group here! We are also available to all questions on our social media channels and via email:

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