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Technology and Security Initiative (TechSec)

TechSec is the Technology and Security initiative at the Geneva Graduate Institute. The idea behind TechSec is to initiate conversations around the domains of cybersecurity, Internet governance, cyber peace, new technologies and innovation. We aim to bring youth perspective into the fore as well as raise awareness around these topics through constructive dialogue and knowledge-sharing.

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Co-head: Seraina Kull
Co-head: Chatrina Schumacher

Events Coordinator: Anna Liz Thomas

Events Coordinator: Sahil Jain

Events Coordinator: Samuel Buol

Content Creator: Rishika Kumar

Academic Coordinator: Yung-Hsuan Wu

Academic Coordinator: Kanikka Sersia

External Engagement Coordinator: Ananya Das

External Engagement Coordinator: Orlando Massari

External Engagement Coordinator: Daniel Haltmeier

Our Mission

Cyberspace and technologies are increasingly important for every aspect of our lives. We aim at connecting these technological developments and innovations to international relations, development, and politics through multidisciplinary discussions and exchanges. The domains in which technologies are bringing change are numerous and diversified; TechSec wants to make sense of the current developments and bridge the gap between
‘hard’ and social sciences.

Our research imperatives include data rights and regulation, surveillance and privacy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber competition and emerging technologies. Our activism includes (but is not limited to) securing individual data rights and privacy, minimizing citizen
surveillance, integrating ethics into advancements in artificial intelligence, and digital capacity-building among our community. To this end, we aim to organize interactive events throughout the year that encourage student participation with our imperatives and offer networking opportunities with policy makers, academics, and relevant stakeholders.


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