​TEDxIHEID aims to enrich the exchanges and dialogues held at the Institute by presenting innovative ideas through its annual TEDxIHEID conference. We wish to burst the university bubble through collaborations with stakeholders outside the academic sphere, encouraging the exchange between students and professionals, sharing new and diverse paradigms to address contemporary challenges.


Visit the TEDxIHEID website here, and check out the official TEDxIHEID Event page for 2022 here.

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Project Coordinators: Gaya Raddadi (Co-organiser, Talks, Finance & Sponsorship), Elodie Pearson (Communications, Events & Logistics) 


Yung-Hsuan Wu (Co-Head), India Belgharbi (Co-Head), Ambra Al Keylani, Oshin Belove, Anne Danker 

Events & Logistics: Chiara Valenti (Co-Head), Marco Mussa (Co-Head), Silvia Ecclesia, Jiayi Zhu (Student Corner Manager, Treasurer), Aditi Joshi (Volunteers Manager), Krithi Ramaswamy (External Events Coordinator) 

Finance & Sponsorship: Conrad Lude (Head of Treasury), Shunyao Liu (Head of Sponsorship), Juliette Miatello (Sponsorship Manager), Laila Saidu (Sponsorship Manager), Patrizio Perino (Sponsorship Manager)

Communications: Marta Quadrini Mosca Moschini (Head, Co-organiser), Chinmay Gundlur (Graphic Designer, Website Coordinator), Sara Lafontaine (Graphic Designer, Website Coordinator), Aselia Orozova (Graphic Designer), Kanikka Sersia (Social Media Handler), Valeria Biben (Social Media Handler) 

Technical Support: Patrick Gregory 


Welfare Officer: Flavian Mèche 

Our Mission

The main aim of our initiative is to organize and host one TEDxIHEID main conference per year, with the first edition taking place in Spring 2022. Alongside the main event, we will also be hosting the TEDxIHEID Student Corner, a space for students from the Institute to present their “ideas worth spreading”: be it research they’ve undertaken, personal experiences and more. We want to foster an inclusive and diverse dialogue within our student community and take advantage of the international culmination of voices we have at our university. 


We'd love to have you on the team!