United Initiatives

Who we are


United Initiatives was created in Fall Semester 2020 in cooperation with the Feminist Collective, QISA, the Welfare Committee and GISA.


The idea is to provide a platform for the many initiatives as well as individual students to have an exchange on advocacy-related topics and organise, use synergies, share experiences and brainstorm ideas. We want to strengthen the student body in its claims to the Institute and show the political active united student body we have. Also to enable every student that is interested to be part of our advocacy work (not just elected student advocates).


We meet 2-3 times a semester. Everyone interested is welcome to join! We send all initiatives via mail and all students via GISA’s social media.

Main issues we advocate for:

  • Scholarships

  • Decolonizing the Curriculum Comitée du Development Durable

  • Feminist Issues: Distribution of sanitary products / Creation of consent Workshops

  • New working groups: Food precarity and mutual aid


How we work:

We organise in working groups for each topic - the meetings are thought of to give updates on the progresses and bring new ideas of working groups and advocacy.

How to get involved: