The Water Initiative

Who we are

The Water Initiative is the creation of a passionate group of students based at The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.


Each with their own background and expertise in water-related fields, our team aims to raise awareness around water related issues. The Water Initiative provides students and young professionals with information on research and career opportunities in the field of water governance, water diplomacy and natural resource management.


While the Initiative is based at the IHEID, membership is open for all students of any University or higher education institutions in and outside of Geneva. We are open to engaging and collaborating with any organisations, initiatives, or individuals who hold to principles in line with our own.

Our values and vision 

Water is a Human Right, therefore we consider it to be a valuable resource which needs to be accessible to all living beings. As a finite and non-substitutable resource, we aim to promote and advocate for innovative ideas and actions on how to sustainably use it.


Located in International Geneva, the Water Initiative puts emphasis on collaborating with representatives of a wide range of sectors, including Peace and Security, Migration and Climate Change.


Our Goals 

  • Combine knowledge and expertise from social sciences, natural sciences and art to raise awareness around issues related to water governance. 

  • Connect students and young professionals with different backgrounds, interested in sustainable management of natural resources.

  • Create a platform for knowledge-exchange to explore the professional and academic field of natural resource management.

Ongoing Activities

  • Illustrated Article Series ‘Between Clouds and Oceans’ in collaboration with The Graduate Press and our artist associate Charlotte Qin

  • Monthly meetings with active members

  • Panel discussions with guests from academia, international organizations, NGOs, media and civil society. 

  • Public movie screenings 

  • Connection to the Swiss Water Partnership Youth


Past Activities

  • Excursion to Evian Les Bains

  • Panel on Sustainable Food Systems, in the frame of the Geneva Sustainability Week, in collaboration with the Environmental Committee

  • Online movie screening and panel discussion on corporate social responsibility and diagonal water conflicts.

Board Members

  • Delphine Magara, President

  • Laisa Coelho Branco, Vice President

  • Cherish Tariro Gamanya, Head of Communications

  • Duong Thuy Mai,  Treasurer










Contact Us 

No matter where your interests lie, we encourage all students to get on board and take part in this initiative. If you’re interested do not hesitate to send us a quick email or message us through Facebook.



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