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Welcome Back Packet


GISA Board

Feminist Collective

Queer International Student Assembly


Geneva, Switzerland

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The Welcome Back Packet is a joint initiative of the GISA Board, the Feminist Collective, and the Queer International Student Association (QISA).


First created in Spring 2021 to welcome back students to the Graduate Institute after students were permitted to return to campus during COVID-19 pandemic, this packet serves as a re-introduction to IHEID and GISA.


The packet includes useful information pertaining to student resources offered by IHEID and GISA. It also details various resources meant to ease navigating life in Geneva, Switzerland. For more detailed information, we invite students to dually consult the New Student Guide.

Welcome back!

Read the Welcome Back Packet below 

*Please note that to view the packet, you may need to be logged into the browser with your IHEID student email address. If it does not load below, please click here to download a copy (format: .pdf)

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