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Welfare Committee Elections (Deadline to apply: 26 February)

GISA is electing a new Welfare Committee President in a special mid-term election. Deadline to apply is 26 February 2022. Learn more about the Welfare Committee and how to apply below.

Attached you will find a document including a description of the responsibilities and desired skills of a Welfare Committee President. Below is the Election Period timetable.

Working with GISA is intense but very rewarding, and will allow you to meet and work with many interesting and passionate people! Candidates should have sufficient time to dedicate themselves to the service of their fellow students. Due to this position’s workload, the elected candidate will be awarded a tuition waiver for the Spring 2022 term.

Election Timetable

Please note that the debate will be held at Maison de la Paix, Auditorium 2, and will also be transmitted by WebEx. The GISA Administrative Director will send further details on the debates when the date comes closer. Furthermore, voting will happen through an electronic ballot that you shall receive in your institutional email (

The newly elected President of the Welfare Committee will be announced at 18h 30 CET on Sunday, 05 February 2022. Their mandate will begin on Monday, 06 February 2022, at 00h 00 CET.

Electoral Rules

  • Any full-time student of the Institute may become a candidate for election (LLM and exchange students are excluded) on the condition that they are physically present in Geneva for at least two-thirds (⅔) of the weeks during which classes are in session for the Spring 2022 term. In other words, candidates would have to be physically present in Geneva for at least ten (10) weeks starting on 06 March 2022.

  • Please check the GIS

A By-laws Article I, Section 2(3).

  • Candidates may approach current Board members for information regarding the position, but they cannot aid them in the election for campaigning purposes.

  • GISA’s funds cannot be used to support candidates, but candidates may use up to CHF 150 of their own funds or from donations on their campaign if expenses are declared and itemized for scrutiny.

  • Candidates may advertise through posters, events, use of the Internet, and videos.

  • Campaign rules can be found in Article 1 of GISA’s By-laws.

  • Debate Guidelines for Candidates can be found here.

GISA needs dedicated and passionate candidates to get the best for the Institute’s students, and we encourage as many people as possible to throw their hat into the ring!

Good luck candidates!

Resources: Consult the GISA Bylaws here and read more about the election guidelines here

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