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Created in 2008, the Assistants' Association (ADA) represents all teaching (TAs at IHEID and at joint centres with Unige, as well as ARP tutors) and research assistants, who automatically become members of the Association by virtue of their contract. ADA defends their interests, collaborates with other associations at the Institute and elsewhere while promoting exchanges between its members. ADA has observer status in the Collège des enseignants. ADA is run by an Executive Committee, elected each year during a general assembly. Since April 2022, ADA collaborates with the Syndicat Interprofessionnel des Travailleuses et Travailleurs (SIT) to advocate for better contractual conditions for its members.


Andrea Biswas Tortajada

3rd-year PhD researcher in International Relations and Political Science, Andrea took the decision to embark on the intellectual adventure that is a PhD after a long academic hiatus that took her to the underbelly of the UN system, the private sector, the government of Gujarat, and the research community in Mexico, Colombia, India, Singapore, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Switzerland. Andrea has a double major in Political Science and Economics from the University of British Columbia and a Master in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her professional and personal energies are poured into ensuring the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Outside school, Andrea is greatly involved in improving food security for vulnerable communities in Geneva, promoting women’s rights, and is a competitive strength athlete and sports coach.

Edouard Zeller

Edouard is a 2nd-year PhD researcher in Anthropology and Sociology. Centered on an ethnography of a contemporary space where unemployment coaching and social integration measures are delivered, my thesis investigates how 20 years of "activation strategies"in welfare policy have influenced the ways in which the state deals with its temporarily unwaged citizens. Vice-versa, I also focus on the ways other social forces have shaped the content of these activation programs, focusing in particular on contemporary innovation-ecosystems and their entrepreneurialist discourses and practices.

Massimiliano Masini

Massimiliano is a 2nd-year PhD researcher in International Relations and Political Science and PhD affiliate at the Gender Centre. He holds a bachelor's degree in International Development and Cooperation from the University of Bologna and a master's degree in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute. He served on the Executive Committee of the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA) in 2020-2021.

Board Members



Weekly ADA Board meeting on Tuesdays, 12:15-1:00pm, and office hours, just afterwards until 2:00pm, in meeting room P1-647 and online.

(Webex meeting link:;

ID: 2744 578 6932; password: CbchnBXi677)

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