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Feminist Collective

The Feminist Collective is the feminist voice at the institute. The initiative aims to raise awareness on gender equality and tries to look at global affairs through a feminist lens.

We are a big community and looking forward to always expanding it even more and we are open to engage with any organizations, initiatives, or individuals in order to have a louder voice.

Everyone is welcome to get involved with our mission and our projects! If you are interested please contact us on our Facebook, Instagram or email address listed below.

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President: Birsu Karaarslan


Vice-president: Gaia Grasselli


Treasurer: Sophie Heigel 

Our Mission

We believe that women and men should be equal- as simple as that sounds, however we are aware that it is easier said than done and we still have a long way to go. Hence, we are a group of people who are trying to fight for a well-deserved equality while starting from our own little community. We have devoted and supportive team members in our collective who are willing to help as much as they can and are always open to new ideas to make our community more gender equal while discussing how we can engage in the world as well.

We want to be able to provide a safe and equal space for everyone at the institute and we are aware that women’s voices need to be heard more in order to be able to achieve that. That’s why we are that voice and we want to make sure that everyone feels represented. We have a zero-tolerance harassment policy and working with Antenne-H regularly to be able to provide the safe place we want. We also want to raise awareness on gender equality and educate ourselves to be able to tackle this as future leaders.


Connect with us to get involved!