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Geneva Impact Investing Association

Geneva Impact Investing Association is the Graduate Institute's first student initiative focusing on impact investing, sustainable finance, and ESG. We aim at enabling and inspiring our future leaders to recognise and contribute their personal capacity in international governance and finance to the emerging field of impact investing. GIIA strives to contribute to:

  • Forging and scaling up sustainable economy with discussion and research;

  • Equipping its members with the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to succeed in the field of Impact Investing.

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Co-President: Luz Maria Stecca & Emma Alice Jones

Co-Director of Finance and Business Development: Nameetta Nierakkal

Co-Directors of GIIA Podcast and Review: Sophie Moens and Renee Rousso

Director of Marketing and Communications: Juhui Oh

Director of Event Management: Sameeksha Matta

Director of Welfare and Career Development: Jack Ralston

Our Mission

Our work is underpinned by three central tenets: 

  1. Knowledge and hands-on skills development: Student-Managed Investment Fund, workshops with corporate partners 

  2. Promoting understanding of impact investing: we are aware that there is a discrepancy between public and private sector. We would like to enhance students' understanding towards impact investing through research, podcast, webinar e.t.c.

  3. Careers: networking opportunities with the impact investing professionals to gain in-depth insights into the career opportunities

Our activities include:

  • Webinars and workshops: We invite impact investing professionals from public and private sectors to share their first-hand insights.

  • Resources: We compile useful resources for you to learn more about the projects, internships and jobs opportunities  in the field of impact investing.

  • Podcast series: We engage professionals and leaders in sustainable finance to shed light in topics such as impact investing, ESG, entrepreneurship and environmental economics. Check out our podcast on ‘An Introduction to Impact Investing with Brindusa Burrows

  • Geneva Impact Investing Review (GIIR): We welcome student contributions in all forms e.g. blog articles, op-eds and book reviews, in the hopes to improve understanding of opportunities, challenges and concepts in sustainable finance, particularly in the impact investing field. Once the contribution has been submitted to the editorial committee, the contribution will be proofread and edited by the GIIR editors. Submit your articles to us here. More details can be found here.

Pipeline Projects (Expected Launch: Spring 2023)

Career Development Programmes:

  • Mentorship Programme: Match yourself with a professional who can guide you in your career growth in the sustainable finance/impact investing industry.

  • Skill Development Workshops : Upskill yourself in the hard skills required to break into the Impact Investing and Finance industry.

  • Company Visit: Get the opportunity to visit Swiss organisations working in impact investing to know more about their work and daily life.

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