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Gender, Peace, and Security Coalition (GPSC)

The Gender, Peace and Security Coalition of the Geneva Graduate Institute is a student-run coalition committed to facilitating a space for discussion about the way in which gender is or should be conceptualized in the context of peace and security. 

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President: Birsu Karaarslan

Vice-president: Milena Gropp

Treasurer: Arveen Sodhi

Our Mission

We as students of global affairs are cognizant of both the urgent need for more diverse representation in decision-making processes in the area of peace and security and the dangers that can lie in simple, one-dimensional solutions to complex problems. We aim to contribute to and generate open, reflective and inclusive discourses on gender in international peace and security and ways of generating policies and practices that are equipped to meet these complexities. 


The Gender, Peace and Security Coalition aims to address these topics through the following activities:

  1. Advocacy and Awareness Raising; 

  2. Organizing events and networking opportunities;

  3. Community Engagement; 

  4. Advocating for increasing the number of courses offered on related subjects;

  5. Encouraging more student-led research informed by feminist and gender-based approaches 


Everyone is welcome to get involved with our mission and our projects. Connect with us!

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