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Latin American Network Initiative (LANI)

LANI is  student-run  initiative  created  in  2013  by  a  group  of students of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) to promote the presence of Latin America through academic, social, and professional activities within IHEID.

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Co-President: Pedro Souza (

Co-President: Sol Santos (

Treasurer: Pedro Cayul (

Advocacy Coordinator: Eduardo Cavalcanti (

Partnerships Coordinator: Wendy Villazón (

Events Coordinator: Nicole Vargas (

Events Coordinator: Juan Francisco Luna (

Communications and Social Media Coordinator: Amanda Lemos (

Administration: Livia Husmann (

Our Mission

LANI was founded in 2013 as a networking and events platform, aiming at uniting students, professors and organizations interested in issues of the Latin American region. Ever since, LANI has grown beyond this initial goal. Today, LANI has become an open space based on collective work, and also a highly engaged community that represents the students of our vibrant region at the Institute while bringing Latinx closer together.

Making the best of both our common roots and the enriching diversity of our cultures, we are a space for political debate, solidarity and sharing good times. Through activities ranging from dialogues with activists from the Region to (Covid-free) parties, including cinema debates and salsa classes we uphold our beautiful and diverse continent.

Of course, LANI is not only for those who were born in Latin America but for anyone who is eager to learn more of its culture! While LANI´s official languages are Portuguese, Spanish and Portuñol we are always willing to switch to English or French.


We'd love for you to get involved!

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