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Middle East Network Association (MENA)

The Middle East and North Africa Initiative is a student-led initiative that brings together students from the Middle East and North Africa region but also anyone who is interested in the region no matter where they come from.


The MENA Initiative provides a platform for discussion and debate on the multiple and complex challenges, conflicts and transformations taking place in the Middle East and North Africa region.  At the same time, it strives to showcase the diversity in the region and to introduce various aspects of its rich history and culture. The MENA Initiative also strives to bring together all students interested in the region for informal exchange and networking. In addition, it regularly collaborates ad hoc with other regional and thematic initiatives in the aim of providing the Graduate Institute´s student body with interesting, dynamic and enriching events. 

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Co-presidents: Dorra Sayari and Arveen Sodhi

Note: The initiative was founded back in the 2012-13 academic year by Yosra Nagui Saad and Paroma Ghose. In 2019-2020, Nadine Morcos and Catherine Gagnon served as co-presidents of the initiative.

Currently, the MENA Initiative is presided by Dorra Sayari and Arveen Sodhi. In the current academic year, the Initiative has expanded its vision, outreach and visibility on campus and has been carrying out innovative, informative and creative events and initiatives.

Our Mission

The Middle East and North Africa region is a very rich, diverse and complex region. We aspire to showcase its richness but also shed light on its challenges especially as it pertains to conflict and human rights issues. We strive to create an inclusive space for reflection and debate on the region while providing a close-up of the beauty of its culture and specificities.

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